It is a very large canvas… and kind of tricky to keep contained (especially when tons of children are playing in it)… but snow painting is one of the artistic things that kids can do in the snow. Snow painting has recently been “hailed” as being new and creative (especially with the “discovery” of building snow forts using coloured bricks) but, Canadian kids and daycares have been doing this as an outdoor winter activity for years.

What you can paint depends on the type of snow, how cold it is, and how much moisture is in the snow. Wet snowman quality snow is easy for making sculptures and snow forts. These can be painted with a brush or coloured using water/food colouring in spray bottles.

In Alberta, at -20C and colder, however, the snow loses its ability to stick together and becomes granular like sand or hard and crunchy. This snow is best suited for stencil painting (pictured) with spray bottles. But, it’s tricky because the paint freezes both as it hits the snow (creates granules) and in the bottle.