After a long three days of standing, talking, and learning, and while the rest of the team decided to head to the pub for a rambunctious screaming hockeyfest, I opted for a nice cup of homemade rain-forest tea at SoulFood in Redmond.

This earthy little cafe is the kind of place where you can kick back on a leather sofa and listen to jazz (often live) while you unwind. The people are also so friendly that its easy to find good conversation.

Unique events make the evenings at SoulFood interesting. During my visit, it was Wicca night and a few people from a Seattle coven were in attendance. The theme for the night was metaphysics and topics included the sentient nature of rocks, spirits in nature, resonance, transcendence, eminence, and the concept of the oversoul.

This was indeed a very pleasant find in Redmond.