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Last Day in Wasgamuwa Park

It was our last day in the park. The night was relatively uneventful though monkeys were busy jumping in the trees above us and at one point surprised the group sleeping by the fire by jumping on them once or… Continue Reading →

Old Forest

At dawn I could hear the monkeys calling their territory. It was amazing to hear them calling while the rest of the jungle was silent. As the sun rose I washed the dishes and my clothes under the waterfall. I… Continue Reading →

Herds of Elephants

When we got to town we were all thirsty and hot. We had wood apple pop, checked out the axle on the jeep, bought some fruit, and headed towards the old camp site. It was a pleasant ride full of… Continue Reading →

The Elephant Bum

Creon, Puny and I were selected to go into town to get some fresh fruit. We also opted to get the gear we left at the other camp site on our way back. Our silent guide went with us. I… Continue Reading →

Wasgamuwa Park

Once you are in Wasgamuwa Park you need a guide to show you around; I likened the experience to original settlers needing an Indian guide in North America because this person knows all the routes through the park and behaviour… Continue Reading →

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