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Uniquely Alberta

Dog Sledding, Canmore

Please, please, can we just go? I really really want to go dog sledding. This was from La Niña and it was the day of her birthday present: 4-hours in the Rocky Mountains on a dog sled. Her enthusiasm and… Continue Reading →

Eamon’s Bungalow Camp

Way way back in the 40s and 50s, there was a movement called the Art Moderne movement, where sleek homes and roadside gas station-motel-drive-in restaurants were vogue. Art Moderne is less cheap motel and more Radiator Springs (Cars) meets Route… Continue Reading →

Wild Thyme Cafe, Nanton

Nanton is our coffee stop town when we’re out exploring Southern Alberta. In the space of one block in this tiny town there are at least three decent cafes, an ice cream shop, and old fashioned candy store. It also… Continue Reading →

Historic Downtown, Fort MacLeod

If you’ve seen the movies Brokeback Mountain or Passchendaele you may recognize some of the buildings from the main street in Fort MacLeod (and perhaps the Main Street itself). The area makes a good movie location because many of the… Continue Reading →

Sod Roof, Fort MacLeod

High end log cabins with sod roofs are making a comeback in Alberta. Their earthen design are environmentally friendly, attractive, and energy saving. Green roofs (living roofs) are certainly more common in Europe than in Canada, though they are slowly… Continue Reading →

Union and Holy Cross Cemeteries, Fort MacLeod

On brushy, scraggy prairie set apart from the town of Fort MacLeod and hidden between a subdivision and a composting facility, you’ll find both the Union and Holy Cross Cemeteries. The two cemeteries are side by each (literally touching each… Continue Reading →

Fort MacLeod

The history of Fort MacLeod is a history that intertwines the Blackfoot, the Métis, Fur Traders, Whiskey Traders, and the Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP). The cast of characters: The Blackfoot: The Blackfoot controlled lands stretching from the North Saskatchewan River… Continue Reading →

Campfire Coffee

Thick, strong, and strangely aromatic, campfire coffee was the staple of many cattle drives in the prairies and is still a long standing Canadian camping tradition. That’s why no one was surprised when we stumbled upon an open fire, circle… Continue Reading →

The Percherons of Bar U

“These horse may be from the original Bar U Percheron line. Most horses in this part of Alberta have some part of that blood line.” This from Russ who was showing us around the ranch via wagon. Previously we’d spent… Continue Reading →

Bar U Ranch

In the middle of the Cowboy Trail, about 15km outside Longview, Alberta, is the Bar U Ranch — one of the original and largest of the Alberta’s ranches (est. 1881), and one that survived the depression and stayed in production… Continue Reading →

The Cowboy Trail

From Mayerthorpe to Cardston, this is Alberta’s Cowboy Trail, so named after the 700km excursion that runs along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a rather peaceful journey full of cattle, horses and open fields. It also happens to… Continue Reading →

Big Valley

The only stop on the Prairie Railway Excursions journey is Big Valley — a cute little town on the verge of becoming a ghost town. Originally Big Valley was an important stop for trains involved in the grain industry. Trucks… Continue Reading →

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