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Paris Underground

The world beneath Paris is layered like a cake; and, this layered world under the city has evolved to match the world above in both complexity and in mystery. First, way way down, are the catacombs, the caverns that house… Continue Reading →

24-Hours in San Francisco

This was an unplanned 11th hour trip. These trips are the worst because they are inconvenient, expensive, and disruptive. Because of the sudden unplanned-ness, I found myself commuting to the airport during LA’s deadlocked rush hour… feeling helpless because my… Continue Reading →

And, Onward…?!

So… we are supposed to be in Paris for spring break. But, there’s been a bit of drama. Nothing REALLY dramatic (like having your passports stolen or being robbed at gunpoint or attacked on the streets by roaming marauders). We… Continue Reading →

San Francisco Trolleys

Does anyone else remember the Rice-a-Roni “The San Francisco Treat” commercials from the 70s? I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Rice-a-Roni or even know what’s happened to the company… but I remember the trolleys from the commercials and always wanted… Continue Reading →

Biking and the Caltrain

I love cyclists. It doesn’t matter where I go in the world or what city I’m in, they all have roughly the same spirit and mentality. Cyclists on the Caltrain is a great example of this. The Caltrain is a… Continue Reading →

The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is not the cheapest nor the fastest way to get to Whistler from Vancouver, but it is certainly one of the more beautiful… and this slow moving train takes you to areas of British Columbia that you… Continue Reading →

Vancouver Skytrain

When I was a young girl, way way back in 1986, my family visited Vancouver during Expo ’86. It was for this exhibition that the idea for the Skytrain was formed and implemented. And, I have to say, since that… Continue Reading →

Georgia Driving Adventures

“It’s 1:30am. Your rental was for 9am yesterday.” “I know. You wouldn’t believe the travel day I’ve had.” “We already gave away your car. But, let me see what’s left in the lot.” This was at the Budget Car rental… Continue Reading →

Sao Paulo Metro

Did I mention that it was cold in Sao Paulo? As I head into the levels below the city streets I’m relieved to find warmth. I also discover that there are no readily available handheld transit maps and Sao Paulo’s… Continue Reading →

Alberta Prairie Excursions, Stettler

A whistle to start, slow moving wheels, beautiful countryside passes by at a slow pace — for train aficionados, the Alberta Prairie Excursion out of Stettler is a trip back in time to the early days of Albertan history. Our… Continue Reading →

London Underground

Of all the places in the world… things I’ve seen… experiences… adventures… the one thing that I love the most is the London Underground. People who have been to London always have a great Tube story. There is an element… Continue Reading →

One Last Washington Photo

Transit in Washington was very similar to that in London; only it was more modern and there were no breakdowns in the tunnels. One thing that always fascinates me about underground transit is the gentle wind that comes before the… Continue Reading →

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