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The Move to Montréal

Ahhh yes, the joys of Québec bureacracy

When you move to Québec, you have 6-months to change your healthcare, drivers licence, vehicle registration, and insurance. What they fail to tell you is that there is a 3-month waiting list to get a government appointment and because of… Continue Reading →

Just like when we were young

We’ve been asked repeatedly, why we were in such a rush to get to Montreal before the summer started? Why not take the entire summer to move so it is less stressful? One of the reasons for the push for… Continue Reading →

Those first days in Montreal

Ok… the first days of living in Montreal. Initially, there was a lot of dining out… there was no stuff to cook with… no appliances… no coffee machine. I will say that the food in Montreal is fantastic; it’s a… Continue Reading →

Moving critters across Canada

One of the more stressful and emotional parts of moving is figuring out what to do with the critters/living things that share your life. Every June/July in Montreal, the SPCA sees triple the number of surrenders because this is moving… Continue Reading →

Ontario and finally, Quebec

Even with our overnight attempts at recreating a college football/rugby dorm room (drying clothing everywhere), not all of the motorcycle gear dried properly (because of the humidity). It was pretty close but the boots and gloves were still damp even… Continue Reading →

Ontario, Ontario, and more Ontario

Remember in the previous post that I mentioned another Calgarian who had just passed through Winnipeg on his motorbike, also heading East (to Nova Scotia). He had the bald tires? And, we’d initially hummed and hawed about getting new tires… Continue Reading →

Manitoba and the huge province called Ontario

After day one we vowed to never drive during the “bug time” again; however, upon waking up in Brandon, dP discovered helmet problems. Specifically, he switched his visor to a night one the day before. And somehow in the process,… Continue Reading →

In one day you can drive Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

Here we are… day 1… driving through three provinces with bikes, a Jeep, and a motorbike. It would have been nice to stop and explore the Red Coat Trail (the route that the newly formed NWMP took West in 1874… Continue Reading →

Those Construction Guys

Remember all that construction that we started in May with the dramatic, tween-like, construction guys… well… where do I start? I’ll just jump into the explanatory rant. This company is an unprofessional joke. We hired and paid Done Wright Contracting… Continue Reading →

Still at it but there are some “done” shots

This whole “get-the-house-ready-for-the-renters-who-will-probably-wreck-it” thing is all consuming. We’ve had some successes and some failures. Firstly, a shot of quick success: the painting of the house, power washing of the siding, the cleaned up garden, and the new mailbox. Yes. We… Continue Reading →

Prep for the Move Across Canada (the saga) Continues

We are entering crunch time for construction and everyone is starting to stress out. There are many late nights of maintenance, tiling, cementing, and painting. I personally shouldn’t be allowed near anything home improvement related (home destruction I can do)…. Continue Reading →

In the Midst of Renovations: The Basement

The Great Move Across Canada doesn’t end with us finding a house in Montreal. It begins the next phase: doing something with the house we have. We can’t sell it… because everyone is selling their house in Calgary as part… Continue Reading →

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