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Stryder & Kima

Princess Kima

Princess Kima has her own handmaiden who feeds her toast and tea, dresses her, brushes her fur and gives her kisses when she’s feeling down. Kima gets the softest pillows, the best chew toys and the warmest blankets. While Stryder… Continue Reading →

Kima in Silhouette

I give you Kima in silhouette from one of our runs. She was attacked by a strange dog a few weeks ago. The “strange” dog suddenly flipped out while Kima was standing beside me (on leash) and pinned Kima to… Continue Reading →

Pogo and the Monster Hunter

Pogo is a nickname I earned many many years go when I was out mountain biking with the boys. During a particularly nasty wipe out I landed on my head and bounced before landing inches from the edge of a… Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

In the dog world, apparently our house is advertised as being a fun and safe place to hang out. We have loads of tasty treats, chicken/lamb water that flows in an endless river into drinking bowls, t-bone steak bones for… Continue Reading →

Stryder’s Intrusive Bum

I know you’ve all missed Stryder and his geeky ways. In fact, tonight as we were leaving for the evening walk I said: “You’re so peculiar Stryder; so much so that if you were a human you’d almost be geeky… Continue Reading →

Dog Mob

We were a part of a mob of people who descended upon our community centre this evening after hearing a rumour that the community association was voting to get rid of one of our largest dog parks. It’s true that… Continue Reading →

Coyote Run

On Saturday’s attempt at a 10K run (do you know how hard it is to run on partially melted snow and mud?) we rounded a corner and ran smack into a large coyote who was meandering down the pathway. It… Continue Reading →


Ike came scratching at the front door early Sunday morning. He was busy trekking up and down the street looking for fun things to do and I guess he decided that our house looked warm and inviting. It was La… Continue Reading →

Playing Bliss

Note added later: We’ve got a new problem in the morning now… the snow is too deep in places for the doggies to walk in. Stryder keeps trying to jump over it but ends up falling face first and getting… Continue Reading →

Unexpected Canine Behaviour

dP took the doggies out for the run last night because I couldn’t get out of bed. The run itself was pretty uneventful until dP and the doggies got to the end and were fairly close to the parking lot…. Continue Reading →

Rob’s Basement

On occasion dP, La Niña and I head over to Rob the Neighbour’s house for dinner or snacks. We have this thing going on where Rob likes to eat my cupcakes/brownies/muffins and we devour his pie/ice cream/cookies. Our relationship revolves… Continue Reading →

He’s Baaaaaaack…

We took down the “keep the cold out” plastic wrap covering the front window and within seconds of doing this Stryder resumed his neighbourhood busy body spying post. In the past few days both he and Kima have told is… Continue Reading →

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