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Stryder & Kima

The Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain

We drove forever along winding, twisting, muddy roads to get here. We knew the destination but the location itself was unclear because it’s not in maps; we were being guided by a series of GPS coordinates that led us to… Continue Reading →

Moving critters across Canada

One of the more stressful and emotional parts of moving is figuring out what to do with the critters/living things that share your life. Every June/July in Montreal, the SPCA sees triple the number of surrenders because this is moving… Continue Reading →

Hello. I’m still alive.

Ok. So. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. I’m so sorry. I’ve written for many many years and have posted every fews days… even in the midst of chaos. However, this Spring I discovered the… Continue Reading →

Reflecting with the Dogs

Hollywood is sensory overstimulation… all the time… everywhere. There is constant traffic, constant people, constant bright lights, and information flying at you at rapid speeds. You also need to be diligent and aware of what is happening around you when… Continue Reading →

Let it Snow

Snow, snow, snow. It seems that Canada is drowning in snow and ice this winter… perhaps a bit more than usual but this is Canada and frankly, Christmas (and winter) just isn’t the same without snow. I say this not… Continue Reading →

Back to the Hills in Calgary

This is the bike ride I promised Stryder in April but snow and crappy weather prevented it from happening. So, out of the blue I said something along the lines of “want to go for a bike ride?” and he… Continue Reading →

The Hills are Calling

Stryder. Oh dear Stryder. He was my buddy for so long… and whenever I come home late on a Thursday night he was happy to pop upstairs to claim his extra long hellos and belly rubs. He’d follow me around… Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

Winter has come to Calgary. These photos are from a particularly beautiful hoar frost that occurred recently. Unfortunately, the temperature on that day was a balmy -15C but with the wind chill the temperature was significantly colder. My poor hands… Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween

This year Niña wanted to dress up as a bride and then decided that she couldn’t go out without a groom. The grooms in question are Kima and Stryder. After a trial session, during which Kima acted a tad bit… Continue Reading →

Nose Hill Park: A Biking Experience

Uphills, suicidal gophers, deer poop, and my crazy dog who thinks he’s a cheetah: that’s our regular Nose Hill Park experience. This is Stryder’s bike ride — and it’s a bonus that I happen to get some hill training out… Continue Reading →

Running Styles

The dogs… right. It’s been a really really long while since I wrote about their silly antics. For yesterday’s walk Stryder was up to his usual silly self and while chewing on a stick it left a big piece wedged… Continue Reading →

Eventual Friends

Many many moons ago little miss La Niña, while still a baby, had an episode with Stryder where he was licking her face and she puked into his mouth. I don’t think he ever forgave her for that. He’s since… Continue Reading →

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