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Street Food

Gogi on the Block

I’ve abandoned the Street Food app. I noticed recently that there were a lot more trucks on the streets of Boston than appeared on the map. And, the app seems to have devolved to show only two very prolific trucks:… Continue Reading →

The CodSquad

The street food scene in Boston is really fantastic. Most of the food I’ve sampled from the food trucks so far is BETTER than the food I’ve had in sit down restaurants. The app I’m using to locate street food… Continue Reading →

West Island street meat: Ribfest

Montreal’s Ribfest is listed as one of the top 15 best summer events in Montreal and Toronto. What I didn’t realize is that it held every year near our house! This means: we can walk there! It’s the small things… Continue Reading →

Food trucks! All hail the food trucks!

I’m extremely thrilled to be back in a city where food trucks are a thing. And not just a “thing” but a tasty, healthy, allergy friendly, affordable thing. It’s been a long time and I have been deprived. The truck… Continue Reading →

Food Trucks of Silicon Valley

The Foodtruck scene is very much alive and well in SF and SJ, and thanks to Off the Grid, SF’s foodtrucks can be booked and frequently find themselves parked around the larger Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Zynga, Google, YouTube,… Continue Reading →

Vij’s Railway Express

A splash of colour, hindi music, and a man walking around with a silver tray handing out bread… most Vancouverites know of Vij’s Restaurant and have at least once in their life stood in line anticipating the delicacies that await… Continue Reading →

The Burger Bus

Happy was the day that the City of Vancouver issued the Burger Bus a licence to run a food cart on Robson Street. Not only is the bus interesting to look at, but they serve up a whole plethora of… Continue Reading →


In my mind, Vancouver is the food truck capital of Canada. Other cities try, but none can compete with warmer weather, the focus on healthier eating, and the sheer ethnic variety and creativity that the city seems to draw. It’s… Continue Reading →

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