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Street Art

The colourful world of Napoli street art

As a city, Napoli has let itself go. Seems everyone uses anything they can as their canvas and there is no attempt by officials to cover or clean. There are tags everywhere… possibly because there are gangs everywhere and they… Continue Reading →

The unexpected discovery of Os Gêmeos

“Surprise is the best thing in life. It makes life exciting.” Otavio Pandolfo My first encounter with the Os Gêmeos (Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo) was in São Paulo in 2011. They worked with politicians in São Paulo to beautify the… Continue Reading →

They know who Banksy is… but not really

Once upon a time there was a Banksy in Boston. Banksy came to the city, a piece of work was added to the Shabu Shabu restaurant in Chinatown, and Banksy left. It didn’t take long for the painting to be… Continue Reading →

The little Lego wall on Congress Street

If you are in Seaport and walking North West on Congress Street towards the Children’s Museum, when you get to the intersection of Congress and Farnsworth, one of the crumbling corners of the building has been repaired… with Lego. Using… Continue Reading →

Graffiti Alley

It hasn’t been a great year for roadside “you can visit at anytime” kitsch. In June, the Pont de Arts lovelocks were removed in Paris. In early November, the 20-year old famed bubble gum wall in Seattle was taken down…. Continue Reading →

Ventura’s Sui Mon Gong

When I first visited Ventura, I failed to notice China Alley… even though it was less than 50-feet away from the area I explored. This part of Ventura’s history is hidden behind brick buildings, tile fountains, and somewhat obscured behind… Continue Reading →

Bogota’s Street Art

Most of the street art in Bogotá is bright, beautiful, and certainly prolific… Bogotá could easily be considered the graffiti capital of the world. A large chunk of the art has some sort of political or social slant; and, in… Continue Reading →

Sweet Auburn

Everyone seemed to know each other and care for each other. Nobody locked doors or had locks on the doors. Auburn Avenue was the center of the community. — Winfred Wright The quote above is for Auburn Avenue, which residents… Continue Reading →

Vancouver Graffiti

The world of graffiti is much more complex than the perceived notion of a young kid with a can of spray paint working under cloak and dagger to write obscenities on public or private property. There are tagging territories, etiquette,… Continue Reading →

Blood Alley and Gaoler’s Mews

I’ve heard the stories (butcher shops, hauntings, murders, executions). I’ve read the controversy (that the Blood Alley name originates with a tourism push in the 1970s). However, what I wasn’t prepared for was how gritty and eerie this place feels… Continue Reading →

Beatty Street Murals

As mentioned in an earlier post, Yaletown was one community that got a very large TV screen for the 2010 Olympics. The area close to this TV (Beatty Street, between Dunsmuir and Georgia) also saw a mural makeover in the… Continue Reading →

Pioneer Square, Seattle

Pioneer Square is the original Seattle downtown core. It’s within walking distance of the wharf, the Market, Post Alley, galleries, and many other popular tourist destinations. Even though the streets were relatively quiet during my wanderings, there were still greeters… Continue Reading →

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