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Spanish Missions

Mission La Purisima Concepción de la Virgén Santisima

As I mentioned in the Mission San Pedro y San Pablo de Bicuñer post, there have long been stories of two “lost” Missions in California. Of the two, I don’t think La Purisima was ever “lost,” but it was certainly… Continue Reading →

Mission San Pedro y San Pablo de Bicuñer

There have long been stories of two “lost” Missions in California and in the last few decades these have been given identities: Mission San Pedro y San Pablo de Bicuñer and Mission La Purisima Concepción de la Virgén Santisima. The… Continue Reading →

Inside the Church at Buenaventura

In 2010, when I first visited Mission San Buenaventura, there was a Sunday mass in progress so I didn’t get a chance to explore inside the Mission church. During this visit in 2015, the opposite was the case… the church… Continue Reading →

The Old Presidio Historic Trail

And, now a blast from the past that was never written about (but completes our Mission journeys in California): the Presidio in San Diego. Presidio Park is the starting place for the Mission / Presidio trail in California and was… Continue Reading →

Bob of the Boulevard

There’s hardly a person alive who doesn’t know Bob Hope or the impact he had on the entertainment industry. He is a star amongst stars and the inspiration for many who we now consider famous. This is why I was… Continue Reading →

Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana

Nicknamed the Mission of the Valley, this is the 17th Mission in the chain and the 8th founded by Father Francisco Fermín de Lasuén (September 8, 1797). 1797 was a busy year for the Fathers, in that year four Missions… Continue Reading →

Mission San Gabriel Archangel

In Grade 4 in California, students learn about the Mission trail… January to be exact. How do I know this? Because during my visit to Mission San Gabriel Arcángel there were seemingly hundreds of students on site, all researching and… Continue Reading →

San Francisco Presidio

In the Mission / Presidio chain, the Presidio de San Francisco (1776) comes 9th and is the 3rd of four pairings of Missions and Presidios: Mission San Diego de Alcalá and the Presidio de San Diego (1769) Mission San Carlos… Continue Reading →

Presidio of Monterey

These photos are old. We originally visited the Presidio in Monterey in March 2013… but the photos never made it to the site. Given we spent time in Monterey, it seemed appropriate to resurrect this un-posted post and finally link… Continue Reading →

Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

Our journey to San Luis Obispo in July was for the sole purpose of completing the NorCal Mission Quest. Mission San luis Obispo is the last on the list of Missions to visit in Northern California and we wanted to… Continue Reading →

Mission San Francisco de Solano

Mission San Francisco de Solano was the last Mission in the chain (1823) and also the most northernly built. By the time (or at the time) of its creation, Mexico had achieved independence from Spain, the United States had achieved… Continue Reading →

The Sonoma Barracks and the Bear Flag

El Presidio de Sonoma (1810) came after Mexican Independence and was the last presidio built in California. It was built to buffer Mexico from a possible Russian invasion from Fort Ross. This particular presidio grew quickly and became the headquarters… Continue Reading →

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