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Silicon Valley

Food Trucks of Silicon Valley

The Foodtruck scene is very much alive and well in SF and SJ, and thanks to Off the Grid, SF’s foodtrucks can be booked and frequently find themselves parked around the larger Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Zynga, Google, YouTube,… Continue Reading →

The Bikes of Silicon Valley

Finally… the post I’ve been promising for a while… the one about company bikes in Silicon Valley. Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of information out there about the specifics of campus bike sharing programs. I had to talk to a… Continue Reading →

The Horse in the Valley

While looking for a monument or site to visit on the Mustang Adventures, I had an epiphany. I work in Silicon Valley with some of the most popular IT companies in the world. Why not give a “tour” of the… Continue Reading →

TechWomen @Twitter

As a woman in IT I face a lot of challenges… but I’d be lying if I said that these challenges were comparable or more difficult than the life challenges that I face as a mother, as an international traveller,… Continue Reading →

Google Science Fair

Inspiring. Wonderful. Amazing. 13-years old! These were the first words that popped into my head when I walked into the room. In reality, the experience brought me to tears. I’m standing in the middle of the Google Science Fair amongst,… Continue Reading →


I’d heard and read so many great things about Cafe TIBCO on their YELP page and from other geeks I work with. “It’s better than Disneyland,” “the Ice Cream Bar is amazing,” and “people from other companies come to the… Continue Reading →

VMWare Cafeteria

Rather suddenly, I’ve moved from my nice comfortable, centrally located, downtown Palo Alto, plenty of restaurants, old Facebook building… to one of the IT complexes in the middle of nowhere. This is pretty typical for tech companies: they get too… Continue Reading →

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