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Road Trip: Gold Country

Rose Hill Cemetery, Antioch

The hike out to this particular cemetery was difficult. It was brutally hot and there is little in the way of shade, directions aren’t exactly the best, and during the walk I was stalked by a coyote for most of… Continue Reading →

The Masonic Caves

On a particularly long and tedious road trip, we drove over an hour out of our way to visit the Masonic Caves. We originally found the sign for the site during a visit to the Black Chasm Cavern but ran… Continue Reading →

Black Chasm Cavern

There are four Cave & Mine Adventures caves in the Sierra Mountains that are frequented by tourists. The most popular and known is Moaning Cavern Park, which incorporates other activities into their offering like zip-lining, kids climbing walls, birthday parties,… Continue Reading →

Sacramento’s Underground

Remember John Sutter of Sutter’s Fort fame? Well… When John Sutter left Switzerland, he left behind a large family who he never really saw again… except for his son John Augustus Sutter, Jr. The elder Sutter did not have a… Continue Reading →

Good ‘Ole Sacto

Sacramento is the capitol of California… and not San Francisco or Los Angeles like many people think. Those who don’t know the history of California often wonder how this particular city got the distinction considering it’s a small with less… Continue Reading →

Kennedy Mine, Jackson

I’m sure that you’ve all heard the term mother lode. The term comes from the world of mining and refers to the main vein or the source of an ore; it’s thought to be a very literal translation of the… Continue Reading →

Panning for Gold

I thought all the gold in California was gone… that mining companies and individuals had found some way to chemically extract every last ounce of gold in California and there was simply nothing left. Apparently, I’m wrong. Some experts estimate… Continue Reading →

Sutter’s Mill, Coloma

Along Route 49 in Coloma, approximately 50-minutes from Sacramento and an hour from Jackson, you’ll the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, a park chock-full of historical buildings, deer, lost things, and Park Rangers. Through this area runs the South… Continue Reading →

Sutter’s Fort

We’ve seen that the Spanish settled in California… followed closely by the Russians… and how other colonial nations arrived to hunt for animal pelts… but the one thing I didn’t touch upon was the arrival of the Swiss. Yes. The… Continue Reading →

Route 49: Gold Country

For this road trip we passed through gold country… along the Sierra Nevada… a place where ghost towns, houses, mining apparatus, and remnants of the days of the Rush sit empty and crumbling along the roadways as if one day… Continue Reading →

Preston Castle, Ione

This was the unexpected surprise of our Gold Country Road Trip. Originally we were going to bypass the Preston Castle, but I’m happy to say we decided to stop anyway. There is something about this place that is really intriguing…… Continue Reading →

Mount Diablo Coal Field, Antioch

I’ve discovered a great new human source for SF/SV/SJ adventures (cycling, food, events, food trucks, coffee, running, trails). By November last year, I thought I’d run my way around Silicon Valley (according to the interwebs)… but apparently I was mistaken… Continue Reading →

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