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Road Trip: N.S. Harbours

Winding Roads and Nova Scotia Wine

There is a new industry in the Annapolis Valley that is starting to gain recognition: wine. I was shocked to discover this… but shouldn’t have been. For as long as I can remember my grandparents had grapes on their property… Continue Reading →


Even though Margaretsville don’t have the word “Harbour” in its name, it is (or was) a traditional and important fishing and shipping port on the Bay of Fundy. Margaretsville is next to Port George, which is also included in the… Continue Reading →

Victoria Harbour and Burlington

The next destination on the find-all-the-places-with-harbour-in-the-name roadtrip is Victoria Harbour: the place that doesn’t actually exist. I think Victoria harbour is a bunch of land that the government is attempting to sell. There are no houses or buildings, but if… Continue Reading →

Baxter’s Harbour

The third destination on the find-all-the-places-with-harbour-in-the-name roadtrip is Baxter’s Harbour: which is a cove with a waterfall… and not really a harbour. It was likely once a fishing community but little is left from those days. Baxters Harbour is named… Continue Reading →

Winding Roads and More Graveyards

The winding and dipping roads between Hall’s Harbour and Baxter’s Harbour pass through Gibson Woods, named after George Gibson (d. 1847), an Afro-Canadian man who purchased forty acres of land in 1804 for 40 pounds (£3575 now or $7300CAD). Some… Continue Reading →

Hall’s Harbour

The second destination on the find-all-the-places-with-harbour-in-the-name roadtrip is Hall’s Harbour: this is a new addition to the attract the tourists by feeding them lobster in a place where they watch the tide come in circuit. It has popped up in… Continue Reading →

Alpacas and Faerie Houses

Another drive with no cars, the occasional RV, tons of farm vehicles, and alpacas…!? Alpacas are popping up all over the maritimes because they are adaptable, sweet, easy going, clean, and low maintenance animals. They can live in the snow… Continue Reading →


The first destination on the find-all-the-places-with-harbour-in-the-name roadtrip is Harbourville: a very cute and traditional Nova Scotian harbour village. This little town of less than 100 people has all of the iconic symbols that make it a photographer’s dream: lobster traps,… Continue Reading →

Winding Roads, Open Fields, and Old Graves

I’m going to call this roadtrip the “Harbour” roadtrip of Nova Scotia because I (very literally) went to a map and found all of the places within a 1-hour radius of the Annapolis Valley that had the word “harbour” in… Continue Reading →

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