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Roadside Attractions

Le Moulin à vent de Pointe-Claire

During one of the coldest days of the year (a tough feat because there have been a lot of cold days this year), we headed out to one of the windiest, unprotected, desolate, ice covered parts of the West Island…… Continue Reading →

Les Moulin de l’Île-Perrot

The windmill and miller’s house stand quietly on a lonely corner of the island overlooking the Baie de Vaudreuil, Senneville, and Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. It dates to the era of Charles le Moyne de Longueuil et de Châteauguay (from this post)… maybe…. Continue Reading →

Le Moulin Grenier de Repentigny

I have a new obsession: les moulins. In Québec they pepper the landscape and turn up when you least expect them. There are 18 documented historic windmills in Québec and in many cases they still perform their primary function: to… Continue Reading →

Alpacas and Faerie Houses

Another drive with no cars, the occasional RV, tons of farm vehicles, and alpacas…!? Alpacas are popping up all over the maritimes because they are adaptable, sweet, easy going, clean, and low maintenance animals. They can live in the snow… Continue Reading →

Dinny and Mr. Rex (the Cabazon Dinosaurs)

The tiny and almost non-existent town of Cabazon appears rather suddenly as you whip down the I-10 from Palm Springs to Los Angeles. If you blink, you’ll miss the town, which is really a handful of restaurants, a gas station,… Continue Reading →

Amboy Shoe Tree

If you are driving from Roy’s Diner in Amboy towards the Amboy Crater on Route 66, when you get to a bridge (not too far away) look right and you’ll see the Amboy Shoe Tree… or what’s left of it…. Continue Reading →

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

The portion of Route 66 between Oro Grande and Kingman is a busy little piece of roadway with lots to explore: cafes, trains, cemeteries, ghost towns… and one interesting work of art that is found nestled between Turner Road and… Continue Reading →

Pont des Arts Lovelocks

This week (June 1-8), Paris’ Pont des Arts bridge is shut down to remove the roughly 700,000 love locks that have appeared on the bridge since 2010 (they first appeared in Paris in 2008 but were removed by a student… Continue Reading →

Arizona Cactus Garden

Close to the Stanford family mausoleum is a cactus garden originally designed in the early 1880s by landscape architect Rudolf Ulrich. “Arizona gardens” were all the rage in Victorian era California and Ulrich was in high demand for his creations…. Continue Reading →

Watson School

This quiet and unassuming building is located off the Bodega Highway and within quick driving distance of the Town of Bodega… a cute little area jam packed with surf shops, ice cream and coffee shops, roadside fruit stands, pubs and… Continue Reading →

McWay Falls

The beauty of McWay Falls is unquestioned and thousands and thousands of people make their way to Julia Pfeiffer Park every year to gaze upon the beach and little stream of water that falls onto the sand. And, if you’re… Continue Reading →

Bixby Bridge

Ahh yes… Bixby Bridge: Built in 1932 during the depression, it’s location along the coastline was chosen because it was cheaper to build a large concrete bridge over natural geography than to go inland and blast/construct one through the mountain… Continue Reading →

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