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Papa’s Photos

Little Sardinian Donkey

The photo below was taken in Sardinia during the 1950s. The tiny little donkey pulling the cart is a special breed of donkey native to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia (originally thought to come from Egypt). The more I… Continue Reading →

Noah’s Ark, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK (1950s)

“This classic family attraction will rock you from side to side as it simulates the soothing motion of the ocean! Once inside you will encounter all sorts of fun obstacles and displays on this enjoyable walk through attraction.” Source Most… Continue Reading →

Cagliari, Sardinia

More photos from my Grandfather’s Sardinia adventures. I love seeing what people wore in the 1950s and how they interacted with each other (however subtle it may be). It seems as though everyone wanted to look their best while out… Continue Reading →

Lixing-lès-Saint-Avold and Lelling, France

Below are a couple of scenes from Lelling and Lixing-lès-Saint-Avold in France; both are small towns located near Grostenquin — one of four RCAF air force bases established in Europe during the Cold War. The four were formed as part… Continue Reading →

Decimomannu, Sardinia

In April 1957, the RCAF opened an Air Weapons Unit in Decimamannu, Sardinia, Italy, to be used as a air-to-air gunnery and compliment the French Air Base at Rabet-Sale, Morocco. Decimamannu was owned by the Italian Air Force, but was… Continue Reading →

Dinant, Belgium

Ah Dinant, and it’s two dominant buildings: the Citadel sitting atop a 100 meter high cliff, and the Gothic style Notre Dame Cathedral with its shiny metal dome. The Citadel, with its checkered history, was originally built in the 11th… Continue Reading →

Wonderfully Ecclectic

One thing that always strikes me about my Papa’s photos is he liked to take pictures of things that are seemingly inane — but turn out to be quite informative. Below is a photo of my Nana sitting on the… Continue Reading →


While looking for photos from Vimy Ridge in honour of the Grand-Père of Vimy, I found some old photos made from colour slides that my Papa took in Europe during the early to mid-1950s. The photo on the left is… Continue Reading →

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