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Snow Painting

It is a very large canvas… and kind of tricky to keep contained (especially when tons of children are playing in it)… but snow painting is one of the artistic things that kids can do in the snow. Snow painting… Continue Reading →

McLellan Ranch Park, Cupertino

I’m running out daylight time during which I can hike in the evenings. McLellan Ranch is good in this case because the parking lot is not gated and locked at sundown and parts of the trail are lit. Also, even… Continue Reading →

Hiking Rancho San Antonio

This post is for Travel Photo Thursday; I made a special trip to gather photos. If you have a moment, pop over the Nancie’s site to say hi. San Antonio Park and Open Space Preserve is one of the more… Continue Reading →

Back to the Hills in Calgary

This is the bike ride I promised Stryder in April but snow and crappy weather prevented it from happening. So, out of the blue I said something along the lines of “want to go for a bike ride?” and he… Continue Reading →

The Last Rattlesnake Hunt of the Season

One of the reasons for taking lessons all summer was so we could develop the fitness needed to stay on a saddle for long periods of time and do more than a typical 1-hour trail ride. The longer rides are… Continue Reading →

The Giant’s War at Big Basin Park

It’s been a while since I’ve gone for a hike. I’m sorry to say that having a child killed hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, cave/wreck diving, and all those interesting things I did pre-baby. I refuse to give up cycling… Continue Reading →

Geokaun Mountain and Fogher Cliffs

About half an hour after visiting the Culoo Rock area, we encountered the same man walking his dog who told us about St. Brendan’s Well. He started gesturing wildly and pointing to a gigantic hill in the centre of the… Continue Reading →

An Adventure at Culoo Rock

During one of our driving adventures on the rugged roads of Valentia Island, La Niña and I were signaled to stop by a man walking his dog. Always up for a conversation with a local, I stopped to see what… Continue Reading →

Chaparral Ranch, Milpitas

I’m living my dream. I’m doing my dream. My dream is to ride horses. Over and over in the backseat la Niña was singing about horses. We were on our way to Milpitas to do a trail ride. This activity… Continue Reading →

Dunmore Cave

Dunmore was an accidental discovery for us. The planned activity for the day was archery at the Countryside Leisure Activity Centre, but the wind was so strong that arrows would simply blow to the side instead of forward. So, on… Continue Reading →

The Hills are Calling

Stryder. Oh dear Stryder. He was my buddy for so long… and whenever I come home late on a Thursday night he was happy to pop upstairs to claim his extra long hellos and belly rubs. He’d follow me around… Continue Reading →

Dog Sledding, Canmore

Please, please, can we just go? I really really want to go dog sledding. This was from La Niña and it was the day of her birthday present: 4-hours in the Rocky Mountains on a dog sled. Her enthusiasm and… Continue Reading →

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