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Oakledge Park

We stumbled on this park by accident. And, I’ll say that it’s a rather confusing place. There are plenty of people exercising, hanging out with their kids, taking photos, and enjoying the sunshine and view. The park is beautiful, windswept,… Continue Reading →

I got lost on one of the easiest trails on the West Island

Saturday morning’s run was back on Île Bizard. I wanted to see the rest of the trail that we started last weekend. And, instead of parking, I was dropped off. I figured I would be about an hour so dP… Continue Reading →

Hiking on Montréal’s West Island: Île Bizard

Here’s a term to remember: the Hochelaga Archipelago (archipel d’Hochelaga). This is where a group of islands that formed at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. Why is this important? These islands are massive and one is… Continue Reading →

Kayaking in Naples

Five years ago when I first visited Naples, I don’t remember Kayaks on the Water being on Alamitos Bay. Instead there was a business that offered gondola rides around Naples Island… both during the day and at night… with wine… Continue Reading →

LA Night Hikes

One of the barriers to me hiking or running after work is the lack of light… the other is lack of knowledge of the city I am in. And, because I can see very little in a place I don’t… Continue Reading →

Reflecting with the Dogs

Hollywood is sensory overstimulation… all the time… everywhere. There is constant traffic, constant people, constant bright lights, and information flying at you at rapid speeds. You also need to be diligent and aware of what is happening around you when… Continue Reading →

Bogota by Bike

As I sat in a little shop on a cobblestone street in Bogotá, talking to people in a mix of French, English, and Spanish, I wondered if this was supposed to be something that was easy… or am I so… Continue Reading →

Angel Island

Angel Island is one of the three islands charted by Juan de Ayala when he first entered the San Francisco Bay in 1775. He was asked to explore the area to determine if the Russians had established a settlement; Ayala… Continue Reading →

Sonoma Canopy Tours (a.k.a. Ziplining)

For this episode of the Daring Adventures summer theme, little Miss La Niña chose ziplining. There’s no need to fuss about her choosing something “so dangerous,” because this isn’t her first flight. In fact, she spent an entire week this… Continue Reading →

Windy Hill, Portola Valley

I’ve been really bad at posting lately. I know. When la Niña’s Synchronized Swimming and Irish Dance ended I lost the only 3-hours of spare time I had each week… spare time that I used to write. The rest of… Continue Reading →

Pulgas Ridge Preserve

Pulgas Ridge Open Space is my new favourite run. I originally shied away from these trails because of frequent mountain lion sightings; but reconsidered when I discovered it was one of the only off-leash parks in Silicon Valley and because… Continue Reading →

Alviso Marina County Park

The one great thing about the time change is it means there is more light in the evenings… which means I can start evening hikes and runs again without having to worry about being caught in the dark with mountain… Continue Reading →

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