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These are the great views from Marguerite Bourgeoys

The view from the top of Marguerite Bourgeoys is definitely worth the climb; and, there are plenty of places to take breaks along the way to make the climb manageable for those who need to take it slow. From the… Continue Reading →

Charles III’s artistic legacy in Napoli

Before there was the Louve, before Belvedere Palace, and even before Catherine the Great founded the Hermitage, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli was opened by Charles III of Spain (1750s). The mid-1700s of Napoli’s history signals the Spanish occupation… Continue Reading →

Photos of real mummies for halloween

Sorry… I know it’s late, the trick or treating is done and everyone has abandoned the Halloween craziness and moved on to drinking from the Christmas firehose. These come from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and this part of the… Continue Reading →

The Little Firehall on Congress

I thought I’d never get to see the inside of this little firehall. It’s only open on Saturdays and for a very short period of time (11-5). Likely because it is run by volunteers. The engines are also frequently out… Continue Reading →

Steampunk Paris

Paris is steampunk… in a very complex and deep way. You could say that followers are les Vaporistes and that the industrial revolution plus the concept of uchronie appeared in French literature in the 1800s, but understanding of Steampunk in… Continue Reading →

The Sick Children of Alijn’s Hofje

It seems that in Dutch, there are dozens of words that can be used to describe a house that takes in the poor or destitute: beguinage, hofje, goedhuis, Godshuizen. Each one has a subtle meaning (depending on who is supported)… Continue Reading →

Calico Ghost Town

I left Route 66 and headed into the Mojave Desert to check out a former mining community now known as the Calico Ghost Town. This isn’t a “roadside Ghost Town” as in “an abandoned and crumbling town” that sits empty… Continue Reading →

The Queen Mary

I feel there are few living/breathing objects out there that can quietly exude to the impact they had on so many lives. The Queen Mary is one of these. She sits like a quiet mountain overlooking Long Beach, seemingly bigger… Continue Reading →

The Belfort of Ghent

There are two buildings that make up the Belfort. Firstly, there is the old Belfry Tower. Construction started on this structure in 1314 and continued though many community upsets (war, plague, politics) to be completed in 1380. From the Belfry,… Continue Reading →

Museum of Death

I’m told that the Museum of Death attracts some really interesting people. I’m sure it does. Fans of death can be rather bizarre individuals. The museum focuses on all elements of death: murders, serial killers, how to embalm a body,… Continue Reading →

L. Ron Hubbard Life Museum

“He who would look forward into time cannot but shudder at the prospect of the future. But I have lived through yesterday. I am living through today. Why should I fear to live through tomorrow?” L. Ron Hubbard For this… Continue Reading →

Hollywood Museum

There’s a lot of crap on Hollywood Boulevard. Lot’s of shops that sell cheap tchotchke for breathtakingly high prices, museums that close as quickly as they open, cheap dive bars and restaurants that sell themselves based on their location on… Continue Reading →

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