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Motorcycle Journeys

Ontario and finally, Quebec

Even with our overnight attempts at recreating a college football/rugby dorm room (drying clothing everywhere), not all of the motorcycle gear dried properly (because of the humidity). It was pretty close but the boots and gloves were still damp even… Continue Reading →

Ontario, Ontario, and more Ontario

Remember in the previous post that I mentioned another Calgarian who had just passed through Winnipeg on his motorbike, also heading East (to Nova Scotia). He had the bald tires? And, we’d initially hummed and hawed about getting new tires… Continue Reading →

Manitoba and the huge province called Ontario

After day one we vowed to never drive during the “bug time” again; however, upon waking up in Brandon, dP discovered helmet problems. Specifically, he switched his visor to a night one the day before. And somehow in the process,… Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Lessons: The Classroom

Because of my crazy cross border schedule, the only way I could do a complete motorcycle lesson package (road and classroom) was to do them backwards. So, I attended a Friday night classroom session a few weeks after my motorcycle… Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Lessons: The Ride (Day 3)

On day 3, when I first arrive, we were told to choose a different bike. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to ride and walked up and down the line of bikes to try and figure out what to choose:… Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Lessons: Maneuvers (Day 2)

Day 2 begins with riding on the back of a bike with one of the instructors; this helps us discover how far we can counter-lean without the bike falling over. I continue with Sally the Marauder and a recap of… Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Lessons: The Controls (Day 1)

For thirteen of us, we all started together at McMahon Stadium… in the rain… with Too Cool Motorcycle School. Most of the riders in Calgary that get some sort of motorcycle training have found their way to Too Cool. They… Continue Reading →

And the Journey Begins: The First Motorbike Ride…

In conjunction with taking formal lessons, dP has agreed to give me extra bike time. He’s a really good instructor (not surprising given his years of teaching EMS); and, as an added bonus, if I do something really stupid he… Continue Reading →

The Motorcycle Journeys

Those who know me, know that I am an obsessive cyclist… and have ridden a bike for most of my life: commuting, off-roading, bike touring, racing, and a handful triathlons on my Cervelo. Even in remote or quick journeys, I… Continue Reading →

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