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Memorable Moments

Semana Santa

Call it Easter, Holy Week, Semana Santa, or the literal translation of Saints week… the Spanish take the week of mourning seriously. It starts on Palm Sunday — the day we arrived. We saw priests wandering the streets with parishioners… Continue Reading →

Samba Drumming

On a rather hot day, I headed to the Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar for a coffee — hoping to catch the Santa Clara Cafe when it opened. As I approached the entrance to the cultural centre I could hear… Continue Reading →

Bem-Vindo ao Brasil

It’s my second day in Brazil and I’m whipping through the streets at breakneck speeds with a driver who seems to know what he’s doing but I’m afraid we’re going to die. It’s cold… so cold that I wish I… Continue Reading →

Alberta Prairie Excursions, Stettler

A whistle to start, slow moving wheels, beautiful countryside passes by at a slow pace — for train aficionados, the Alberta Prairie Excursion out of Stettler is a trip back in time to the early days of Albertan history. Our… Continue Reading →

Vrolijk Pasen or Happy Easter

The day started with a traditional Belgian practice… not mass, nor the consumption of mass amounts of chocolate, no Easter bunny or family brunch… but rather, the Tour de Flanders (a.k.a. the Ronde). Fabian Cancellara was the winner this year;… Continue Reading →

Little Shop in Brugge

“Your French is magnificent.” It was an old shopkeeper who spoke to me as I walked to the till to make my purchase. He was initially very quiet as I made my way through his small hidden shop nestled anonymously… Continue Reading →

The Cobbler

As I was walking to the gym tonight I broke the heel on one of my beautiful Indian shoes. The moment it happened seemed like the cherry on top of the icing on an already bitter day… but in fact… Continue Reading →

“The” Goan Boat Tour

The day started out innocently enough. I decided to wander over to the beach area where on Friday I saw mass numbers of people hanging out on the beach. The beach was relatively empty though a few resort owners came… Continue Reading →

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

There I was, carrying a big stack of books, my backpack, and a flip chart board. My cell phone was ringing from within a plastic paper container that I had balanced on the stack of books. That’s about the time… Continue Reading →

When in Rome…

Are you ok with this madam? The little lady says as she is smacking my head. Bap bap bap bap bap, it’s very rhythmic and somehow kind of soothing. I’m not the biggest fan of head massages, but then again… Continue Reading →

Rickshaw Ride from Hell

“Oh. My. God. Did you just hit that pedestrian? Or did you just soak him with water!” I was already drenched from the massive puddle we just blasted through. I was sitting in a rickshaw in the midst of a… Continue Reading →

Robot Babies

For Ian B. We can’t sell them because no one wants them. We could probably give them away but in the end decided to give them to La Niña to see what she’d do; after all she’s constantly complaining that… Continue Reading →

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