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Memorable Moments

That Time When I Drove from Denver to Omaha

Today’s flight plan: YYC —> DEN —> OMA The day started in Calgary with an on time flight, which is a rarity. Airlines build buffer into their flight times because they know that delays happen and that it is very… Continue Reading →

Sonoma Canopy Tours (a.k.a. Ziplining)

For this episode of the Daring Adventures summer theme, little Miss La Niña chose ziplining. There’s no need to fuss about her choosing something “so dangerous,” because this isn’t her first flight. In fact, she spent an entire week this… Continue Reading →

I Remember the Silence

I’m having difficulty sleeping… a bit because of the Boston attacks… a bit because they dredged up memories… I feel for the people in Boston. Their journey is only just beginning… and it’s going to take a really long time… Continue Reading →

Dog Sledding, Canmore

Please, please, can we just go? I really really want to go dog sledding. This was from La Niña and it was the day of her birthday present: 4-hours in the Rocky Mountains on a dog sled. Her enthusiasm and… Continue Reading →

Sea Kayaking, La Jolla

‘Twas a lovely day. Hot, sunny and perfect weather for a bit of kayaking. We had high hopes for the viewing creatures: dolphins, sharks, sea lions, seals — and were looking forward to a bit of exercise in the sun…. Continue Reading →

The World Parrot Refuge

Some birds have cancer; some birds are addicted to drugs or alcohol; a large number come from abusive homes; and, some owners bring their birds to the parrot refuge because they are no longer able or willing to care for… Continue Reading →

Getting to Tony Hawk

Who’s Tony Hawk?, asked the little voice casually. The question came from La Niña and she wanted to know why her Saturday was being usurped by a stranger. He’s a guy… who skateboards… seeing him is a once in a… Continue Reading →

Vancouver’s Zombie Walk

Who hasn’t dressed up as a zombie for halloween or enjoyed a good evening in with popcorn and a cult-ish zombie movie like Shaun of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead. Like vampires, zombies are hitting the mainstream… Continue Reading →

Looking for Orcas

We looked like astronauts as we headed out to the boat in our environmental suits. Initially it was hot and we were feeling rather sheepish in our full body gear. However, as we left the warm city and hit cold… Continue Reading →

Camel Riding in Morocco

Within a few minutes of arriving in Morocco, we encountered our first camel. Yes… it’s touristy, campy, and cliché. But I couldn’t deny an opportunity of camel-riding-coolness for little Niña. Spanish instructions came before English and French so little missy… Continue Reading →

Aleluya de Toros

Easter Sunday in Spain is a day of celebration. In some towns there are festivals, in others concerts, for the most part, Sunday is filled with much celebrating and frivolity. In Arcos de la Frontera, locals celebrated with the Aleluya… Continue Reading →

Flaminco in Sacromonte

Known for its caves, the Rom, and dance, Sacromonte has long been considered the birth place of Flamenco. And, if you’re lucky, during an evening meal you may get to witness someone inspired enough to suddenly break out into song… Continue Reading →

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