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Life on the Road

And, the week started off so well

What a week… what a week… and it’s not even over, dammit. It started on Monday with Cubs fans who were still drunk from the team’s success in the World Series. People were still talking about it. Parties, parades, and… Continue Reading →

It’s very much like drinking from a firehose

The last fews weeks in my work life have been fragmented, difficult, and full of really big corporate problems. I’m not complaining because I love the brain power needed to solve these problems and I’m working towards being more of… Continue Reading →

The sad miserable hotels of Boston

Edgar Allan Poe was once quoted saying about Boston: Their hotels are bad. Their pumpkin pies are delicious. Their poetry is not so good. And, I couldn’t agree more about the hotels. It is really hard to book a room… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Boston, twas good while it lasted

My project in Boston ended suddenly and unexpectedly. Unbeknownst to everyone, it ended with a party, with friends on a rooftop in South Boston. We celebrated without the heaviness of knowing why we were celebrating. I like it best this… Continue Reading →

A better commute, a better airline experience, a better hotel

People are always saying to me, “you’re so lucky, to be able to travel and live in different cities must be so glamorous.” In fact, I was told this last week… while in the midst of chaotic 9-11 travel and… Continue Reading →

There was an alarm in the air traffic control tower

One day I’m going to pull together a group of my co-workers and we’re going to each write one story: what was our most memorable travel experience. Honestly, I’d have difficulty picking just one because probably one of every three… Continue Reading →

It’s a congested travel weekend

Tis a long weekend, that means that the Thursday night travel line-ups in Boston, Toronto, and Montreal were insanely long… and for my connections I found myself just barely making it to my flight just because of the sheer number… Continue Reading →

That flight, back to school shopping, and rusk

There are a lot of things that I’d like to do over the weekend… like go for a run, start swimming again, finish painting the walls in our house, finish all the half written posts in my backlog (many from… Continue Reading →

What the heck happened in Washington DC?

I’ll spend a week blogging with a Powershot SX280HS. This is the camera I dropped on a cement floor in Toronto. I had the camera fixed because it has an awesome zoom that takes unbelievable photos from a distance. When… Continue Reading →

The land of “no can do”

Tuesday was a day in the land of “no can do.” This made the day very unproductive but in the end I discovered some really great work arounds / solutions. The first problem is a work related one: I’m attempting… Continue Reading →

Blogging for a week with a Rebel XT

This camera is old for me. It was one of the first digital SLR cameras that I purchased after making the switch from film to digital. The funny (peculiar) thing is while the camera body is a Rebel XT, most… Continue Reading →

Early flights, speaking in French, and a happy dog

My Friday started at 4:30am and the rest of it was spent running… sometimes literally. That didn’t leave much time for anything other than flying, work, and clean up. One important learning (for those of you who fly out of… Continue Reading →

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