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Life on the Road

8-hours in Toronto

This was a short little trip to Toronto. But, this time around I got to do something that I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to because I was flying from another country… or on a large plane…. Continue Reading →

Escape from New York

The day started just like any other day on the busy streets of New York: unseasonably warm, sunny, and generally pleasant. But, at some point I got an email simply titled, “the snow.” The request in the email was to… Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes glimpses of the Carton Hotel

After the bedbug experience at my previous hotel, myself and all my co-workers moved to a different location; one of the old New York beaux-arts hotels: the Carlton. This hotel has switched management and is currently being renovated. This means… Continue Reading →

The joys of travel

The most joyful part of the LaGuardia experience is the taxi queue. For the most part, I opt for taxis in NYC because it is nearly impossible to find your Uber (I’m always being asked to walk somewhere that I… Continue Reading →

Christmas trees kicked to the curb

The first week of travel in the new year is back to New York. In the pre-Christmas posts (48-hours in New York), there was a snippet about the trees that come from Québec. These trees are now sitting curbside waiting… Continue Reading →

When in Rome…

On my day of departure, I somehow managed to sleep in. I’m not sure how it happened because my bio-clock is relentless. I wake up at 4:30 every morning. It doesn’t matter what time zone I’m in, I wake up… Continue Reading →

Lufthansa is on strike

Remember how in a few posts ago I praised Lufthansa for coming together at the last minute and how my preferred airline was momentarily in the bad books. Well, the universe has a funny way of equalizing itself and favour… Continue Reading →

Vending machines, credit cards, and fish

The “fast to cure jetlag” seems to be working… I am sleeping at my regular times, waking up at regular times, and hungry whenever I’m usually hungry. Perhaps fasting truly is the cure for jetlag. As such, the morning started… Continue Reading →


Napoli is my final destination. It’s not a typical tech destination, but we are here to run a series of interviews and workshops for a company that was recently acquired by a European conglomerate. My plane from Frankfurt to Napoli… Continue Reading →

Toronto to Frankfurt to…

“Hey Bro. I got you the “package” as requested. No no… no need to pay me anything and you won’t have to pay for the seat. You can thank me some time in the future.” This was followed by a… Continue Reading →

Chicago to Montréal to Toronto to …

This might feel like an “I’m going on a milage run” post, but it is not. I won’t make 100K status this year no matter how hard I try to make the miles/segments needed; the effort will equal varying levels… Continue Reading →

The chaotic home life of a frequent traveller

Me: Have you seen the pitch fork? La Niña: Mommy!!! Me: What!? La Niña: What are you going to do with the pitch fork? Me: Someone has the turn the compost. The leaves haven’t been turned in a year. La… Continue Reading →

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