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Road Trip: Arizona

Sitgreaves Pass

Sitgreaves Pass, named after Captain Lorenzo Sitgreaves, is a winding road that passes through the Black Mountains. This is the route from Oatman to Kingman AZ and it is not a road for the faint of heart. It is very… Continue Reading →

Oatman, AZ

Compared to California, Oatman’s Gold Rush came late and helped to pack a lot of history into one town’s lifespan. In 1863, it was prospector John Moss who, with the help of the First California Volunteers, discovered gold in Arizona’s… Continue Reading →

Amboy Shoe Tree

If you are driving from Roy’s Diner in Amboy towards the Amboy Crater on Route 66, when you get to a bridge (not too far away) look right and you’ll see the Amboy Shoe Tree… or what’s left of it…. Continue Reading →

Amboy Crater

It’s hard to miss the Amboy Crater. The 250-foot-high volcanic cinder cone stands high above the Mojave Desert like a big, black, sore thumb. Clearly, it is not a part of the natural desert landscape though if not for the… Continue Reading →

Ludlow Ghost Town and Cemetery

As you meander down Route 66 towards Arizona from California, you’ll inevitably stumble upon a little place called Ludlow. There are so many small abandoned towns in this area but the thing that makes this one stand out is its… Continue Reading →

Calico Cemetery

The Calico Ghost Town by itself told me very little about the silver mining community that once existed there. The history was pretty typical and vanilla and exactly what I’d expect for a pay-to-enter family park. There’s tons of information… Continue Reading →

Calico Ghost Town

I left Route 66 and headed into the Mojave Desert to check out a former mining community now known as the Calico Ghost Town. This isn’t a “roadside Ghost Town” as in “an abandoned and crumbling town” that sits empty… Continue Reading →

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

The portion of Route 66 between Oro Grande and Kingman is a busy little piece of roadway with lots to explore: cafes, trains, cemeteries, ghost towns… and one interesting work of art that is found nestled between Turner Road and… Continue Reading →

Route 66

Hesperia to Kingman (266 miles) From Hesperia the plan was to take Route 66 to Kingman… to drive from California to Arizona… through ghost towns, desert, and old winding, bumpy, twisty roads. Route 66 is often less than 100 feet… Continue Reading →

Hollywood to Hesperia (94.8 miles)

Nice Avis lady: “I have some bad news. The car that we were going to give you just came in and it was just wrecked by the previous renter. It’s going to take us a while to clean it up.”… Continue Reading →

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