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Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 8 of 8

The final travel day for Chicago was marked by meeting a ton of interesting people on my journey through the city. On the cab drive to the airport, I met a man from Ecuador who owned a cocoa plantation outside… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 7 of 8

If there is a theme for the day, it’s Google Home. It’s everywhere in Chicago. It’s on billboards. It on computer ads. It’s on TV. It’s in cabs. It’s on the walls in the malls. And, now it has become… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 6 of 8

Every morning of this week (so far), I’ve walked past the Trump Tower; and, I can’t help but ponder the mis-fit of the structure. Locals hate the “TRUMP” sign on the side and fought its addition for years. There’s so… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 5 of 8

Coming into Chicago this week was a test of patience. You’d think the city would be prepared for snow… in December… a city that sees the worst of the worst of winter weather. Instead Chicago behaved like a small Californian… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 4 of 8

Day 4 is a travel day, which means I’m lucky if I’m able to eat a good meal. Travel days also tend to go really fast so the day was really a blur. Breakfast. The Protein Bar. This is more… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 3 of 8

The evening meal on Day 3 involved taking the Chicago transit system (CTA) to Lincoln Park. As we were walking towards the underground, there was a sudden moment of nerd-i-ness as I realized that we were standing on the “Wabash… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 2 of 8

Day 2 came quickly and signalled the end of the Thanksgiving weekend as gads of co-workers flocked back into the office after an extra day off. This means days filled with training sessions and workshops and conversations and pizza lunches… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 1 of 8

The second port of call after Italy was Chicago; and, by Chicago I mean the Loop and not Deerfield. The first stop was Montréal and a super fast weekend that involved things like grocery shopping, being a mom-chauffeur, and learning… Continue Reading →

Early Bird and Mexican

I’m back on the road and have loads of interesting stories to tell… some food related and others flight related. I will say that Toronto is rapidly becoming one of the best foodie cities I’ve ever been in. Yes… I… Continue Reading →

Gluten Free in Long Beach

Long Beach is apparently on its way to being a foodie haven… if you believe the interwebs and all the press. I don’t doubt it; there have been a number of celebrity chef events in the area (one of which… Continue Reading →

Medieval in Schaumburg

There’s not a lot to do in Schaumburg, this is what I discovered when I went looking for an activity on my birthday. The choices: Legoland (which is no fun without kids and not actually open in the evenings), shopping… Continue Reading →

Gluten Free in Schaumburg

I’m not sure what’s going on with the gf scene in Schaumburg. But, apparently, glutinos have brow beaten every restaurant into compliance. There were moments where I hadn’t completely asked the do you have a gf menu question and it… Continue Reading →

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