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Ghost Towns

Bombay Beach

Remember the previous post on Lake Havasu, Arizona’s vacation destination and version of Daytona Beach? Well… Lake Havasu is the current inland destination for locals and travellers who are looking to having a bit of fun, do a bit of… Continue Reading →

Brenda AZ

13-miles east of Quartzsite is a tiny little, dust covered area called Brenda. If you are on the I-10 heading East and you blink, you’ll miss it. I know because that happened to me and I ended up driving for… Continue Reading →

Quartzsite AZ

This town looks like a ghost town: creaky old sun bleached building are boarded up, fliers flap in the wind and are the only noise you hear in the silence of the desert, and there is not a soul around…… Continue Reading →

Oatman, AZ

Compared to California, Oatman’s Gold Rush came late and helped to pack a lot of history into one town’s lifespan. In 1863, it was prospector John Moss who, with the help of the First California Volunteers, discovered gold in Arizona’s… Continue Reading →

Ludlow Ghost Town and Cemetery

As you meander down Route 66 towards Arizona from California, you’ll inevitably stumble upon a little place called Ludlow. There are so many small abandoned towns in this area but the thing that makes this one stand out is its… Continue Reading →

Calico Cemetery

The Calico Ghost Town by itself told me very little about the silver mining community that once existed there. The history was pretty typical and vanilla and exactly what I’d expect for a pay-to-enter family park. There’s tons of information… Continue Reading →

Calico Ghost Town

I left Route 66 and headed into the Mojave Desert to check out a former mining community now known as the Calico Ghost Town. This isn’t a “roadside Ghost Town” as in “an abandoned and crumbling town” that sits empty… Continue Reading →

Kennedy Mine, Jackson

I’m sure that you’ve all heard the term mother lode. The term comes from the world of mining and refers to the main vein or the source of an ore; it’s thought to be a very literal translation of the… Continue Reading →

Sunrise over Alviso

I’m introducing a new adventure series to my site. This week I was upgraded to a new “special” car: a Challenger. Because of this I wanted to do a theme different from the Mustang journeys. I toyed with the idea… Continue Reading →

Spanishtown and English Camp

Part 1: Almaden Quicksilver Park I mentioned in my last post that the New Almaden Mines were in operation from 1845 to 1976. This means people were pulling ore out of the caves before California was a state and before… Continue Reading →

Almaden Quicksilver Park

The drive to the Almaden Quicksilver Park is breathtaking… but nothing compared to a hike though the park. I “walked” into the park thinking this would be a quick afternoon jaunt before moving onto another activity. Instead, my “walk” morphed… Continue Reading →

Big Valley

The only stop on the Prairie Railway Excursions journey is Big Valley — a cute little town on the verge of becoming a ghost town. Originally Big Valley was an important stop for trains involved in the grain industry. Trucks… Continue Reading →

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