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Early Bird and Mexican

I’m back on the road and have loads of interesting stories to tell… some food related and others flight related. I will say that Toronto is rapidly becoming one of the best foodie cities I’ve ever been in. Yes… I… Continue Reading →

Los Angeles: The Favourite 5

L.A. is one of the top foodie destinations in the U.S… period. And, I will be the first to admit that with this city, I wasn’t nearly as proactive or aggressive about finding new and interesting places to explore like… Continue Reading →

Summer of Chaos: Week 6

Week 6 touches 5 cities: Marina dey Rey, Venice, Montreal, Halifax, and Los Angeles… and I joke that it’s the third time La Niña has been in Montreal this year. That’s when it hit me that before the summer is… Continue Reading →

The Summer of Chaos: Week 4/5

This week starts with a new sassy LA girl. Seems the second week of improv added a layer of complexity and an attitude that is completely off the charts. Like whatever. Could be like puberty or something too. I have… Continue Reading →

The Summer of Chaos: Week 2/3

Week two and week three look remarkably similar to each other, so I’ll group them together. On the surface things look like they are stable, but the flux is increasing and I feel like we are walking on shifting sand…. Continue Reading →

Gluten Free in Long Beach

Long Beach is apparently on its way to being a foodie haven… if you believe the interwebs and all the press. I don’t doubt it; there have been a number of celebrity chef events in the area (one of which… Continue Reading →

The Summer of Chaos: Week 1

This is the summer of moving around a lot… and chaos because at any moment I could be sent to a different city or location in LA. As such, we are focused on being open minded and patient when it… Continue Reading →

Nosh and a Tower of Mushrooms

Day 2 starts with a planned “sleep in” until 6:30. This actually means nothing to me because my body has no concept of time zones; it knows when I’ve had 5-7 hours of sleep and I wake up. Period. So,… Continue Reading →

Prop Planes and Hipster Sushi

Day 1 of “the” Saskatoon trip starts on a tiny prop plane with limited seating; but surprisingly, what is lost in seating space we gain in luggage space. I discovered that my carry-on actually fits in the overhead on a… Continue Reading →

Gluten Free in Schaumburg

I’m not sure what’s going on with the gf scene in Schaumburg. But, apparently, glutinos have brow beaten every restaurant into compliance. There were moments where I hadn’t completely asked the do you have a gf menu question and it… Continue Reading →

Some yummy food… and then back to Paris!

The food in Beligum is amazing; but, the thing that really stands out is the culture and mindset that sits behind it. I was given one insight that has since changed my entire perspective around food. In NA, we tend… Continue Reading →

Hollywood’s Strip Mall Sushi

There are little strip malls all over Hollywood. And, generally included in these strip malls are an international restaurant or two intermixed amongst fast food, convenience stores, and massage parlors. In some cases the massage parlors are replaced by pop-up… Continue Reading →

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