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10th Annual Pirate Festival

Arrrr… and welcome to the Ventura Aarghbor Village, and with that we were warmly welcomed to the area. It was early in the morning and the droves of people still had not arrived. This is what we were told, and… Continue Reading →

SF Shakespeare Festival

La Niña surprised me this summer. While I know there’s a little poet inside her that keeps poking it’s head out. What I didn’t realize is how much of a poet there is… and how deeply complex and intuitive her… Continue Reading →

Jagannatha Ratha Yatra

What are they doing? a rather timid lady asked me as she pointed in the direction of noise. She was referring to a mish-mash of paper dragons, bagpipes, and a giant cart being pulled by hundreds of chanting people, some… Continue Reading →

Parksville Sand Sculptures

On Vancouver Island, for a month between mid-July and mid-August, you’ll find the photographic feast that is the sand sculptures of Parkville Beach. The sculptures are a part of the Sand Sculpting Competition & Exhibition and is a big tourist… Continue Reading →

Stampede Food

This year’s trip to the Stampede grounds included a quest: the quest to find deep-fried Mars Bars. DFMBs are a Scottish masterpiece; they were invented in Aberdeenshire and have somehow managed to find their way out of Scotland and to… Continue Reading →

Toupie et Binou Live

Rather than see all those concerts / events I would like to see at Stampede (like Jully Black), this week I found myself attending shows suitable for a three year old: Toopy and Binoo, the Super Dogs, and Dora the… Continue Reading →

Dragon Parade and a Rain Storm

The goal for today was a visit to the National Planetarium (known to locals as Planetarium Negara) and it’s well known blue-dome structure. It’s situated atop a big hill amongst green trees, lush gardens and is refreshingly quiet. Unfortunately, when… Continue Reading →

Navam Perahera

Perahera is one of the biggest festivals in Sri Lanka. The word ‘Perahera’ means procession and the festival honours the Sacred Tooth Relic which is housed in Kandy. The tooth reportedly belonged to Buddha and was smuggled away from his… Continue Reading →

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