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The Fiery William Lyon Mackenzie

William Lyon Mackenzie was a Scottish born journalist who eventually found his way to the colonies at the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1820). He may have passed through Partridge Island; there are no immigration records for this period and… Continue Reading →

The Fenian Raids and the Necropolis

Located in the heart of Cabbagetown, the Necropolis in Toronto has been a witness to many of the struggles felt by Irish Canadians in the 19th Century. In a way, the history of these struggles is laid out in the… Continue Reading →

The Granite Street Fracas

Vermont is a major player in the world’s granite market. Just outside the town of Barre is the rather famous Rock of Ages quarry… this is the same quarry that a young Captain Kirk launched his step-father’s car off a… Continue Reading →

The Panthéon and Hoche

The Panthéon in Paris is King Louis XV’s great contribution to the world of cemeteries… sort of. The original intent in 1755 was to build a church to replace the crumbling Abbey of St. Genevieve, but due to lack of… Continue Reading →

So many cemeteries… so much death…

The overwhelming thing about touring the countryside in Belgium and France is the sheer number of cemeteries in a relatively small amount of space. Some are on the side of the road, some are hidden behind bushes and trees, and… Continue Reading →

The Dominion British Cemetery (a.k.a. Finding Jack)

For the posts on Jack McEachern and group of men from Cabri/Mill Village who fought with the 209th Battalion, start here. We went to the Dominion British Cemetery in Hendecourt-les-Cagnicourt to look for Jack McEachern. With me came blossoms from… Continue Reading →

Langemarck Cemetery and the first gas attack

The focus of our visit to France and Belgium has been on finding our relatives who died in the Great War and honouring those who died in the Allied forces. However, with this post I want to point out that… Continue Reading →

The martyr, the catacombs, and the blood mystery

The next stop on the underground exploration tour was the large and cavernous Catacombe di San Gennaro. The catacombs in Napoli are connected… and I don’t mean via tunnels, but rather they are connected by one organization: Catacombe di Napoli…. Continue Reading →

Catacombe di San Gaudioso

I’ll start this post by saying: the San Gaudioso experience is new for me. I’ve studied osteology, graves, and death rituals for almost two and a half decades and I’ve never before seen anything like what I saw in Catacombe… Continue Reading →

It must have really stunk in the 1700s

There’s much more to the Old North Church in Boston than you’re told in passing. Hundreds and hundreds of tourists pass through the doors daily and they’re all told stories of Paul Revere, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the lanterns, and about… Continue Reading →

Vicksburg: So many of these men are unidentified

It upsets me every time I see so many rows of tiny little military gravestones with the word “unknown” on the front. These are people who had lives… and gave them away to politicians… whether willingly or not. They are… Continue Reading →

The coffin receiving place and those stump grave markers

The Greenwood Cemetery in Jackson is one of those weird places where you’re conflicted about how much to explore, where you should wander, and confused about what sort of history exists. I assume that the history is rich but couldn’t… Continue Reading →

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