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Writing at Leela Palace (with Geez*)

I’ve been doing most of my paper writing at Leela Palace. They have the only barista I’ve seen in Bangalore — and the cafe itself is situated in the middle of a beautiful garden. There’s something strangely soothing and inspirational… Continue Reading →

The Palace in Brighton

Here is another photo from Brighton, UK. Brighton is a small southern beach town known as a favourite day trip (or weekend) destination for Londoners. The town is populated by many artists / hippies and has a very eclectic feel… Continue Reading →

Stirling Castle

You can see the castle from just about everywhere in Stirling. It sits on top of a great mound of volcanic rock and would be darn near impossible to take given its defenses. No one knows exactly when the castle… Continue Reading →

Castle Garth and Black Gate

The New Castle built by the illegitimate son of William the Conqueror (Robert Curthose) was made of earth and timber and was situated on a defended plateau overlooking the River Tyne. These material were hardly made to last and the… Continue Reading →

Orchha Palace Walkman Tour

I’ve encountered another innovative Indian idea — a palace Walkman tour! When you are ready to go on the tour, you head up to the Sheesh Mahal Palace and chat with the nice people at the front desk. They give… Continue Reading →

Ellora Caves / Daulatabad Fort

Today’s journey was the Ellora Caves and Daulatabad Fort. I caught a bus and made my way up the plateau and past the Daulatabad Fort to the caves first. It was relatively easy to get there; there are buses every… Continue Reading →

Jaganmohan Palace / Art Gallery

The second destination on the tour was the Art Gallery within the Jaganmohan Palace. Jaganmohan Palace is one of the oldest buildings in Mysore. It was built in 1861 and housed the royal family when their old wooden palace was… Continue Reading →

Tippu Sultans Summer Palace and Fort

After St. Philomena’s Church we headed out of town to Tippu Sultan’s Summer Palace. It was unbearably hot here without much shade or cover from the heat. The outside walls of the summer palace itself are made of metal to… Continue Reading →

The Mysore Palace

After lunch (a tiny bit of plain rice for me), we went to the Maharajah’s palace in Mysore; a.k.a. The Mysore Palace. It’s huge and during tours you only get to see half of it; the other half is occupied… Continue Reading →

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