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Castel Sant’Elmo

You can see the castle from just about everywhere in Napoli. It was one of the first things we saw from the hotel (and were curious about). In the Bourne Supremacy Napoli scenes, the castle appears looming in the distance… Continue Reading →

The castle and the crocodile

It’s real name of the building is the Maschio Angioino but for the majority of the tourists who visit the city, it is known as the Castel Nuovo (the new castle). New is a “relative” term meaning the old royal… Continue Reading →

Gravensteen Castle

We’d only been in Ghent for half and hour, with no knowledge of what to see or do, when we saw Castle Gravensteen poking up above the buildings in Graslei and Korenlei. And, because I’m not able to resist a… Continue Reading →

Geeraard de Duivel Steen

Between St. Bavo Cathedral and the Bisdomkaai is the Geeraard de Duivelsteen, known in English as the house/castle of Gerald the Devil. A plaque near the building says, Threatening, robust. Somewhat sinister even. Yet the devil never lived here. Gheeraert… Continue Reading →

The Stockholm Royal Palace

All paths in Stockholm seem to lead to the Palace. I ran into the building so often that I began to use its location as a point of reference. I don’t have any memorable stories from the Palace but I… Continue Reading →

Druid Garden

The castle in Blarney isn’t the only thing of interest in the area. I’d argue that the grounds surrounding the castle are more engaging that the castle itself. While Blarney Castle has the stone, dungeons and a lot of stairs,… Continue Reading →

Blarney Castle

“I didn’t travel for 12-hours from North America to Ireland to bypass the Blarney Stone. I came all this way, climbed all those stairs, and I’m bloody well going to kiss the damn stone.” These heated words came from a… Continue Reading →

Kilkenny Castle

I’ve alluded to Kilkenny Castle in previous posts; it was built by Isabel and William Marshall in 1195 on the spot where the Irish Kings of Osraige lived before the Norman invasion. A stone castle has been on this site… Continue Reading →

Castillo de Guzman

Alonso Perez de Guzman el Bueno, heroe caztellano que acepto la muerte de su primogenito antes de entregar la plaza de Tarifa en el año 1294. Esta estatua es obra del escultor Tarifeño Manuel Reine Jimenez. Castillo de Guzmán, built… Continue Reading →

The Alcázar of Seville

You could easily spend hours just wandering the Alcázar looking at intricate details, tiles, artefacts and architecture in this UNESCO World Heritage site. The buildings are vast, the grounds spacious, and it’s pretty easy to get lost amongst the various… Continue Reading →

Tower of London

Some time after the Norman Conquest in 1066 and before the end of the 11th century, the Tower of London was built. For the 800-ish years, it used as a prison to house some of the most famous figures in… Continue Reading →

Castle Hill and Motte

The logical place to start with a historical overview of Cambridge is with the arrival of the Romans. The Romans probably weren’t the first people to call Cambridge their home, however they were the first to keep a written record… Continue Reading →

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