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Road Trip: Whitehorse

Whitehorse to Calgary

The journey back down the Alaska Highway from Whitehorse to Calgary wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; I rather enjoyed it actually and we used the midnight sun to our advantage. There were areas that should have… Continue Reading →

Miles Canyon and Canyon City

One of the most treacherous areas on the Yukon River runs through Miles Canyon, an 8km long death trap. Here the Whitehorse rapids (what the city is named after) were so bad that boats only passed through the area if… Continue Reading →

The Yukon Brewery

A trip into Whitehorse is not complete until you have done a tour of the Yukon Brewery (or so we were told numerous times). Thus, we went to the brewery for a mandatory tour. We arrived just as the last… Continue Reading →

The S.S. Klondike

Parks Canada has converted the largest sternwheeler to work the Yukon River into a National Park. It is located on the bank of the Yukon River, at the end of the downtown strip, and is in complete dry dock. This… Continue Reading →


Whitehorse, 2339 km from Calgary As the story goes, Whitehorse is named after the violent rapids of the Yukon River. It is said that in the late 1800s the rapids in the area looked a lot like the flowing manes… Continue Reading →

Watson Lake

Watson Lake, 1886 km from Calgary The next and last stop on the journey to Whitehorse was the town of Watson Lake located just a few kilometres inside the Yukon side of the Yukon / British Columbia border. Watson Lake… Continue Reading →

Liard Hotsprings

Liard Hotsprings, 1647 km from Calgary About three hours north of Fort Nelson on the Alaska Highway is one of British Columbia’s treasures: the Liard Hot Springs. Here in the middle of nowhere, in one of the coldest areas of… Continue Reading →

Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson, 1361 km from Calgary. Fort Nelson is this lovely little redneck town that is famous for being the “third non-native settlement” in British Columbia. The town was established as a trading post in 1805 by the Northwest Fur… Continue Reading →

The Alaska Highway

Begins at Dawson Creek, 882 km from Calgary. The Alaska Highway has a bit of an interesting history and is a great bonus for Canada since the U.S. paid for its construction. The highway links the town of Dawson Creek,… Continue Reading →

From Calgary to Edmonton

Edmonton, 294 km from Calgary. Our plan for the long weekend is to drive to Whitehorse to see our friends Duke and Jonelle at their wedding reception; a great road trip and a typical long weekend adventure. Let’s not forget… Continue Reading →

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