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Cumbuco was not a known destination until 2006; when a few European travelers “discovered” the town and decided to capitalize on their find. Prior to this it was a quiet little fishing village that happily moved from day to day… Continue Reading →

The Boats of Canoa Quebrada

I’m a sucker for photos of boats — particularly fishing ones; and, it was a real pleasure to watch and photograph the people of Canoa Quebrada as the prepared their jangada’s for the day. I’m told that the reefs in… Continue Reading →

Canoa Quebrada

In 1650, the Portuguese sailer Francisco Ayres da Cunha accidentally stumbled upon Canoe Quebrada when his ship was forced ashore for repairs. Upon coming ashore he found a intriguing little fishing village full of friendly people. This little fishing village… Continue Reading →

The Dunes of Morro Branco

Once out of the cliffs we made our way around Morro Branco in a dune buggy. This was my first dune buggy experience and the longest excursion of all that I experienced while in Brazil. We spent a large chunk… Continue Reading →

Das Falésias de Beberibe, Morro Branco

One of the highlights of Northern Brazil was a trip to Morro Branco and Das Falésias (cliffs) Beberibe (the name of the area). As we walked toward the cliffs we were told that that houses along the bluff used to… Continue Reading →

Surfer’s Point, Ventura

Surfer’s Point is located at Seaside Park in Ventura, California (by the Ventura County Fairgrounds). It also happens to be the location of a managed retreat. When shorelines become ravaged by the ocean, cities usually respond by building a sea… Continue Reading →

Long Beach

Unbearably hot sand, surprisingly immaculate bathrooms, an odd quiet, fit beautiful people running along the beach, searching forever for parking, visiting Starbucks for a $2 coffee so I could validate my *umm* illegal parking, and a sudden boat tour —… Continue Reading →

San Clemente Beach

Ten kilometers south of San Juan Capistrano is San Clemente Beach — an area well known for it’s surfing culture and magazines. If you’re a surfing newb like me you can learn a bit of language just by sitting on… Continue Reading →

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is every bit a cute California artisan community by the ocean. I arrived just in time for the Saturday market — a Smörgåsbord of organic food, art, oddities, and unique people of all shapes, sizes, colours, and beliefs…. Continue Reading →

Goa and Calangute Beach

In retrospective, one of my biggest regrets going into Goa was going in blind; I had only two full days in the state and not knowing specifics was a bit of a blocker. Here are a couple of things I… Continue Reading →

Noah’s Ark, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK (1950s)

“This classic family attraction will rock you from side to side as it simulates the soothing motion of the ocean! Once inside you will encounter all sorts of fun obstacles and displays on this enjoyable walk through attraction.” Source Most… Continue Reading →

Seaside Collectables

The little collection above is what people were trying to sell us on the beach in Punta Cana. We certainly weren’t interested because (frankly) there’s something rather macabre and non-eco-friendly about carrying around a dead/stuffed fish/creature. However, after a bit… Continue Reading →

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