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Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 5 of 8

Coming into Chicago this week was a test of patience. You’d think the city would be prepared for snow… in December… a city that sees the worst of the worst of winter weather. Instead Chicago behaved like a small Californian… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 4 of 8

Day 4 is a travel day, which means I’m lucky if I’m able to eat a good meal. Travel days also tend to go really fast so the day was really a blur. Breakfast. The Protein Bar. This is more… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 3 of 8

The evening meal on Day 3 involved taking the Chicago transit system (CTA) to Lincoln Park. As we were walking towards the underground, there was a sudden moment of nerd-i-ness as I realized that we were standing on the “Wabash… Continue Reading →

Christmas trees kicked to the curb

The first week of travel in the new year is back to New York. In the pre-Christmas posts (48-hours in New York), there was a snippet about the trees that come from Québec. These trees are now sitting curbside waiting… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 2 of 8

Day 2 came quickly and signalled the end of the Thanksgiving weekend as gads of co-workers flocked back into the office after an extra day off. This means days filled with training sessions and workshops and conversations and pizza lunches… Continue Reading →

Foodie Adventures in Windy City: Day 1 of 8

The second port of call after Italy was Chicago; and, by Chicago I mean the Loop and not Deerfield. The first stop was Montréal and a super fast weekend that involved things like grocery shopping, being a mom-chauffeur, and learning… Continue Reading →

2016: A Year of Travel

This year was exhausting though there was less travel than in previous years. Big changes happened in our non-travel lives: Stryder passed away, we moved to a different province (Québec), we learned how to function in a new language, La… Continue Reading →

Another 7-hours in NYC: train/bus terminals and travel confusion

Remember how I said in this post that it’s not uncommon to have flights to/from New York cancelled. Well… our flight was cancelled. And, then the flight we were rebooked on was cancelled. Luckily, as soon as I got the… Continue Reading →

48-hours in NYC: The Rockettes and the Rockefeller Center

Bistango We found Bistango by accident; and, this little Italian restaurant turned out to be a fantastic discovery. One flatbread pizza was all it took to become our favourite restaurant in the city. All flatbreads are made gluten-free and all… Continue Reading →

48-hours in NYC: Times Square, Macy’s, and Shopping

Deep breath… prepare oneself… the next day was about shopping and delving into everything that is touristy and cheesy about New York. Crowds… I *love* crowds (sarc)… It all started with the M&M store because La Niña was guiding the… Continue Reading →

48-hours in NYC: SantaCon, Greek food, and the theatre

It’s SantaCon in New York (and other cities), which makes Manhattan one of the craziest, busiest, obnoxious, most annoying places in the U.S. for a day. Basically, the SantaCon pub crawl is an excuse for people to head into the… Continue Reading →

48-hours in NYC: Midtown brunch and the Christmas market

Flights to New York are notoriously bad. The ever persistent wind makes landing difficult in the city and on multiple occasions I’ve been on NYC flights that are cancelled; I seem to have more luck with Newark than LaGuardia or… Continue Reading →

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