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Catacombe di San Gaudioso

I’ll start this post by saying: the San Gaudioso experience is new for me. I’ve studied osteology, graves, and death rituals for almost two and a half decades and I’ve never before seen anything like what I saw in Catacombe… Continue Reading →

The tunnel that was built by the “Bomba” king

The underground world in Napoli is complex and rich with a history that surpasses that of the world above. 60% of the city is said to sit atop some sort of ruin, tunnel, chasm, or underground cistern. In many cases,… Continue Reading →

La Passeggiata and Pick Pockets

The Internets make it seem as though Napoli is a horrible, unsafe place that should be avoided. As such, I spent time with one or two people who freaked out because they worried constantly that we’d be mugged after dark…. Continue Reading →

Lufthansa is on strike

Remember how in a few posts ago I praised Lufthansa for coming together at the last minute and how my preferred airline was momentarily in the bad books. Well, the universe has a funny way of equalizing itself and favour… Continue Reading →

Vending machines, credit cards, and fish

The “fast to cure jetlag” seems to be working… I am sleeping at my regular times, waking up at regular times, and hungry whenever I’m usually hungry. Perhaps fasting truly is the cure for jetlag. As such, the morning started… Continue Reading →


Napoli is my final destination. It’s not a typical tech destination, but we are here to run a series of interviews and workshops for a company that was recently acquired by a European conglomerate. My plane from Frankfurt to Napoli… Continue Reading →

Toronto to Frankfurt to…

“Hey Bro. I got you the “package” as requested. No no… no need to pay me anything and you won’t have to pay for the seat. You can thank me some time in the future.” This was followed by a… Continue Reading →

The Patron Saint of Murderers and the Oldest House in Paris

Across the Seine from Notre Dame, in old Paris, is Église Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre. This is one of the churches that we found while wandering medieval Paris. It is every bit as crumbly, old looking, and eclectic as you’d expect for a… Continue Reading →

Notre Dame’s Unfortunate Suicide History

Meet Notre Dame de Paris: it’s neither the oldest, nor the biggest, nor the grandest church in France. But, it certainly is the most well known and most visited landmark in Paris. 13-million visitors from around the world pilgrimage to… Continue Reading →

Steampunk Paris

Paris is steampunk… in a very complex and deep way. You could say that followers are les Vaporistes and that the industrial revolution plus the concept of uchronie appeared in French literature in the 1800s, but understanding of Steampunk in… Continue Reading →

The Macabre Epilogue of those who Drowned in the Seine

Meet the Seine River: it’s 776km long, the second largest river in France, it starts at Source-Seine just North of Dijon, and ends at the English Channel. It runs through Paris and is crossed by 30+ bridges within the city…. Continue Reading →

The Sick Children of Alijn’s Hofje

It seems that in Dutch, there are dozens of words that can be used to describe a house that takes in the poor or destitute: beguinage, hofje, goedhuis, Godshuizen. Each one has a subtle meaning (depending on who is supported)… Continue Reading →

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