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Leeds and British Plumbing

After Birmingham, Shirley and Warwick we headed up the M1 with Newcastle as our primary destination. However, we made it as far as Leeds and decided to stop for the night. After a long day on the road and meeting… Continue Reading →

On to Birmingham

It was easy, painless and rather quick, but today we hopped on a train and ended up in Birmingham. We showed up at the train station and in the span of half an hour booked a hotel, car, and train… Continue Reading →

Day Trip to Brighton

The journey for today is Brighton, in the South of England. Brighton is a little seaside port town that is popular with Londoners because of its beaches; it has a long history and can be found in the Doomsday Book… Continue Reading →

Art Gallery, the Tube and an Internet Cafe

After the crypt we went to the National Gallery, which was very packed and very hot. We got lost in the 1700-1900 wing; a wing that has a high wow factor. You could spend days just wandering around and years… Continue Reading →


Soho has the reputation of being the adult entertainment district of London and it doesn’t disappoint. To get to Soho we had to pass through a dodgy looking alley loaded with porn shops, adult clubs and interesting people. Soho was… Continue Reading →

London’s Chinatown

In our wandering in the Soho area we accidentally stumbled upon Chinatown. Chinatown is located on Gerrard Street between Shaftesbury Avenue and Leicester Square. We spent little time here but just long enough to look around and get a feel…. Continue Reading →

Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square

Piccadilly Circus is the Times Square of the UK; everywhere you look there are video screens, people, and advertising. Colour runs rampant and the theme for today was the Matrix. The Matrix has not yet opened in England and the… Continue Reading →

My Holga, Cafe Chekour, and Excellent Coffee

Surprise! We’re up at 3am and to pass time until the rest of London wakes up, I put a roll of regular film into my Holga. I can’t wait to see how these pictures turn out. I guess you can… Continue Reading →

The Original Tour

After breakfast we headed to the Baker Street tube station, located at the junction of Baker Street and Marylebone Road. Some of you may know Baker Street from the Sherlock Holmes novels (Holmes lived at 221B Baker Street), and others… Continue Reading →

Billy’s Grill and Camden Town

Two hours after we arrived at the flat, and two hours after we fell asleep, we awoke hungry, thirsty, disoriented, and not quite sure of where we were. We left the flat and wandered around before finding a local restaurant… Continue Reading →

Arrival in London

Here we are in London. Flying in over the city was amazing, you could see the Thames and many different landmarks that London is famous for: the London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the London eye, the House of Parliament, etc. Heathrow… Continue Reading →

St. Martins-in-the-Field

The day started out cloudy as we headed down to Big Ben. I had a meeting in one of the buildings by Westminster Palace and quickly discovered that the umbrella I brought was the smartest thing I packed. All the… Continue Reading →

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