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On to Sri Lanka on UL

I spent the night at the airport in Madras. My flight was scheduled for 6 am, but it’s mandatory that you be at the airport three hours early in order to through all the security checks and I decided to… Continue Reading →

Saint Mary’s Graveyard

In venturing down a busy street in search of St. Mary’s Graveyard, I discovered that no one really knows what you are looking for when you ask or how to get there. However, they will always pretend to know and… Continue Reading →

Travel and Time

I sit in my sordid little room contemplating the dirty white walls and waiting. Time is such a funny thing. When you are working you never have enough of it, and when you do manage to get a day or… Continue Reading →

Back to Fort St. George

I left the graveyard and headed back to the fort. I am drawn to the church. It is cool, quiet and peaceful. No one bothers me there. There was some sort of to-do going on in the courtyard. Everyone was… Continue Reading →

Deja Vu and a Woman Named Susanna

Today’s walk through the Madras Fort was eerie. It touched a place inside my brain that I don’t think has ever been touched; and, as I walked around the Fort in wonder I felt as though I had done this… Continue Reading →

The Women’s Car

I’ve definitely stayed in the city too long. It really wears on you. It’s unrelenting; the ugliness is sometimes too much. But I guess it is good to let yourself get accustomed to the worst possible situation because then you… Continue Reading →

Saint Mary’s Church

The Saint Mary’s Church within the walls of the Madras Fort is a very quiet place to sit and get out of the heat. Unlike other places in Madras your left alone to do as you wish. In fact to… Continue Reading →

The Senate House

On one of our beach trips in Madras I noticed a very old British building and decided to investigate because it looked interesting. It has huge stained glass windows, tower structures and iron gates surrounding it. I’m told that this… Continue Reading →

Republic Day / Marina Beach

Note: Photos of the Marina Beach taken at sunrise on a different day. I just had the most amazing day. I decided to walk to Marina Beach because our waiter at the Boopathy (Sami / Walter) told me it wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Indian Girls

Government Museum in Madras, in the shade. There are lots of school kids around and the girls flock to us. They are smiling, winking and laughing. It’s like we can communicate without talking. They are tickled pink when they get… Continue Reading →

Chaos and Scooters

A man once said there is no order in the universe, it is really all just mad chaos. That man must have lived and driven in Madras! Actually, and surprisingly, there is some sort of order to India that I… Continue Reading →

Culture Shock. Madras, India.

I can’t believe what is happening to me. I’m in the midst of severe culture shock. I’m in Madras, probably one of the nicest cities in India, and I’m completely and absolutely overwhelmed. I’m having trouble writing down my experiences… Continue Reading →

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