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Getting here to Anuradhapura wasn’t hard, the ride only took five hours and it was easy to get a ticket on the Colombo side of the trip. I travelled first class air conditioned, but am now regretting that decision. Because… Continue Reading →

Lowland Dance Ceremony

The original plan for the evening was to take in a Sinhalese movie, however, there was a twist in events and the movie was postponed. Hettie got word from Tammy that there was a lowland dance ceremony planned for the… Continue Reading →

Galle Road

I walked along a very peaceful quiet beach until I could walk no longer. At the end there were fishing boats, a very small village, and naked children swimming in a not so clean lagoon. I walked into the small… Continue Reading →

The Turtle Hatchery

On a whim I decided to go to Kosgoda to see the turtle hatcheries. Getting there was no issue: I headed to the train station, bought a ticket and hopped on the train. Somehow I always manage to show up… Continue Reading →

The New Oriental Hotel

After visiting the Dutch Church I decided I was overheated and went to the New Oriental Hotel for drink and sat on the veranda. The hotel was built in 1684 and was the Dutch Main Headquarters. In English times it… Continue Reading →

Galle Fort

I took the train from Hikkaduwa to Galle Fort in Southern Sri Lanka. The train ride was an absolute pleasure because trains in Sri Lanka are much older (antiques) and far less crowded than the ones in India. Little boys… Continue Reading →

The Groote Kerk

The first place I went once inside the walls of the fort was the Dutch Reformed Church, or the Groote Kerk. The church was originally founded in 1642 and is still active with approximately 5,000 members. The original church was… Continue Reading →

Old Dutch Government House

Opposite the Dutch Church is the Old Dutch Government House. This house was built in 1683 is a good example of an old colonial building. On the door is a rooster standing on a rock, or the Cock of Galle… Continue Reading →

Elephant Sarong and Beach Stories

I bartered for my first item today, and lost miserably. It was a cotton sarong with elephants along the edge. I wanted cotton so it could be used as a towel, blanket, bed sheet, curtain, etc. I need something to… Continue Reading →


Today’s excursion was to the beach / surf town of Hikkaduwa. Hettie and her friend Conrad had plans to go to Hikkaduwa for the day and I opted to go with them. The ride was incredible: long roads with palm… Continue Reading →

The Gratiaen Prize

Creon’s uncles are Michael Ondaatje, the author of The English Patient, and Christopher Ondaatje, the philanthropist and author. The book Running in the Family is about Creon’s family and what it was like for Michael to come back to Sri… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka’s National Museum, Colombo

The National Museum is Sri Lanka’s oldest museum and has been open to the public since 1877. There is quite a lot here: art, antiques, Buddhist and Hindu bronzes, stone statues, paintings and frescoes, ceramics, antique furniture, masks, and royal… Continue Reading →

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