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Tellicherry / Thalaserry, Kerala

Hanuman is the most devoted worshiper of Rama and is said to be present whenever Rama’s name is mentioned. It seems he can never get enough of Rama stories and is always lurking in a dark hallway or corner listening… Continue Reading →

Musings on Kochi and Philosophy

My last evening in Kochi was spent watching a second Kathikali performance, this time at the See-India Foundation. It was (I believe) a purer form of dance than the one I saw at the Cochin Fort. I guess you could… Continue Reading →

Kathakali Dancers

Rather then try to put together bits and pieces of the Ramayana together into a complete story, I bought a copy and am now reading it in hopes of understanding much of the art, stories, and theatre pieces I encounter… Continue Reading →

Jew Town and Spices

One very interesting scene I happened upon while in Fort Cochin was women preparing ginger in Jew town. Jew town is the main spice area for India: Pepper and ginger were being prepared behind old walls and in old courtyards…. Continue Reading →

Fort Kochin

Today we walked to the fort rather than take a rickshaw. It was a long haul and we stupidly did it during the hottest part of the day. What a lesson! The fort is an interesting place, you could spend… Continue Reading →

Strike in Kochi

There is some sort of strike happening in Kochi. It was very eerie at first when I stepped off the train and walked into town. There are troops everywhere but no cars, just military jeeps. It was even more eerie… Continue Reading →

Indian Coffee House, Thiruvananthapuram

The Indian Coffee House is a sight to behold and is completely unexpected in an interesting way; I love it. The coffee shop is built within a spiral chimney. You enter the building at the bottom and have to walk… Continue Reading →

Navam Perahera

Perahera is one of the biggest festivals in Sri Lanka. The word ‘Perahera’ means procession and the festival honours the Sacred Tooth Relic which is housed in Kandy. The tooth reportedly belonged to Buddha and was smuggled away from his… Continue Reading →

The Ruins of Anuradhapura

The ruins of the ancient city are truly amazing. Anuradhapura used to be the capital city of Sri Lanka and during this time the kings went on a fervent building spree. Many of the structures built during this period are… Continue Reading →

The Sacred Bo-tree

The Sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi or the Sacred Bo-tree in Anuradhapura has a history spanning more than 2,200 years. This huge tree came to the island as a sapling brought by the Princess Sangamitta, sister of Mahinda who introduced… Continue Reading →

The Banks of Tissawewa

After seeing the Sacred Bo-tree I spent some time cycling around the banks of the Tissawewa and sitting in the Royal Pleasure Gardens. The bike ride itself was very interesting and is much like a bike ride around the sea… Continue Reading →


The people are different in this area. They have a different look in their eyes than all the other people I have encountered thus far. It is as though the horrors of war have taken their innocence away and weighed… Continue Reading →

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