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Ellora Caves / Daulatabad Fort

Today’s journey was the Ellora Caves and Daulatabad Fort. I caught a bus and made my way up the plateau and past the Daulatabad Fort to the caves first. It was relatively easy to get there; there are buses every… Continue Reading →


The hotel I am staying in is called the Ranjit hotel. I think it is fairly new and it smells of fresh paint and the walls are very pink with little to no dirt. When I first arrived my impression… Continue Reading →

Adventure in Maharashtra

Train to Nanded Once again I’m on the ladies car of the train. This one is considerably less crowded and also much smaller. I think this is a local train and that I have to switch somewhere to a fast… Continue Reading →

Hyderabad / Secunderabad

I’m not sure how I made it to Secunderabad. Somewhere in the midst of the 15 hour train ride my mind flew out the window and flapped around until well after my arrival. The trip was very long but luckily… Continue Reading →

The Rat, the Mouse and the Ragada Cutlet

Sometimes finding good food to eat is nothing short of torture… after… when you are getting friendly with the loo in your hotel room. I have already spent a day in the loo with my friend the big black rat… Continue Reading →

Mysore Market

I’m still not feeling up to par today but rather than sit in my room all day I walked through the Mysore Market and took photos of people — something I’ve wanted to do since coming to India. There’s certainly… Continue Reading →

The Brindavan Gardens

After the fort we drove another million miles at breakneck speeds to the Brindavan Gardens, which were the pleasure gardens of Tippu Sultan. The entire garden is flanked by a dam built in the 1800s, an amazing achievement for the… Continue Reading →

St. Philomena’s Church

Next we went to St. Philomena’s Church. We skipped the zoo, which I am glad of because I’m not a big fan of zoos. The church was huge and is supposed to be the largest in India. I think I… Continue Reading →

Keshava Temple

All the sites were interesting and worth a visit, but bear with me because my perception of each was marred by the way I felt. The first site to visit was the Keshava Temple, in Somanathapura. The drive there was… Continue Reading →

Jaganmohan Palace / Art Gallery

The second destination on the tour was the Art Gallery within the Jaganmohan Palace. Jaganmohan Palace is one of the oldest buildings in Mysore. It was built in 1861 and housed the royal family when their old wooden palace was… Continue Reading →

Chamundi Hills

The next destination on the tour was the Chamundi Hills. Once again we flew out of Mysore at breakneck speeds and ventured dangerously 15km up into the hills and to the tallest peak. Atop the Chamundi Hills is a Kali… Continue Reading →

Tippu Sultans Summer Palace and Fort

After St. Philomena’s Church we headed out of town to Tippu Sultan’s Summer Palace. It was unbearably hot here without much shade or cover from the heat. The outside walls of the summer palace itself are made of metal to… Continue Reading →

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