I’ve been really bad at posting lately. I know. When la Niña’s Synchronized Swimming and Irish Dance ended I lost the only 3-hours of spare time I had each week… spare time that I used to write. The rest of my time is consumed by my girl, travel, work, running, and yoga.

As such, I’ll write about one of the more wonderful run destinations I’ve discovered recently: Windy Hill in Portola Valley. This came highly recommended from a couple of local runners I work with… and it quickly became fairytale land for me. It’s a run full of baby deer, tiny lizards, little bunnies, butterflies, stupid aggressive turkeys, and plenty of imagination.

It’s so beautiful that I can’t turn my mind off during my runs: I pretend I’m running in a world free of roads where everyone runs or walks on wooded trails to their destination. Houses are built into the forest and have ambient technologies that are invisible until you need them.

I imagine that at various locations there are natural rain showers you can run through to cool off or get clean… speaking of which, it’s a clean place to run meaning at the end you aren’t covered in stinky California red dust / grime like some places (e.g. Rancho San Antonio). The trees also keep you out of the hot California sun.

For your listen enjoyment, here’s my current 1.5 hour run playlist (average 110-120 bpm / 12-13 min mile with a speed-up at the end). It’s non-genera specific because I only care about two things when I am running: that my playlist has a pace that will get me to the end of the run… and that I’m wearing a triple strap industrial strength high impact sport bra that makes me feel like I’m wearing immovable body armor and ensures that nothing between my clavicles and xiphoid process moves.