Many many moons ago little miss La Niña, while still a baby, had an episode with Stryder where he was licking her face and she puked into his mouth. I don’t think he ever forgave her for that. He’s since become rather grouchy and acts all huffy if she is within a three metre radius of his self. With a little therapy he’s starting to come around. They acknowledge each other’s presence and he’s even started to allow her to sit within a few feet of him.

In the park, Stryder loves chasing sticks and trying to get a stick from him is like trying to remove teeth from a shark. Once he has his mouth on a juicy satisfying stick he will not relinquish his grip under any circumstances; and, all the while he’ll happily run in taunting circles around every person and every dog in the park.

But something strange happened about a week ago. While doing his “I love my stick” run around everyone several times, he deliberately dropped the stick in front of La Niña and then pretended to be interested in clump of grass a foot or two away. When she reached for it, instead of snatching it away at the last moment (like he’s done before), he let her carry it for a while and then nudged at her until she threw it for him.

Thus began the new La Niña/Stryder stick game: tease, drop, throw, tease, drop, throw. And, if I had the audacity to try and pick up the stick he would quickly snatch it away and put in front of the only person who was allowed to play this game with him.


I guess I always knew they’d eventually become friends. It’s just funny that it took so long and it was Stryder who made the move towards friendship (after rejecting La Niña a million times over the years). Dogs truly are funny creatures.