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One of the Civil War Ironclads: U.S.S. Cairo

Ironsides and ironclads… are common vernacular from the American Civil War. Ironcads refer to the steam-powered metal armoured ships that roamed the Mississippi Delta during the war. They defied logic (much like airplanes)… and stayed afloat even though they were… Continue Reading →

Vicksburg: So many of these men are unidentified

It upsets me every time I see so many rows of tiny little military gravestones with the word “unknown” on the front. These are people who had lives… and gave them away to politicians… whether willingly or not. They are… Continue Reading →

Vicksburg: These hills have ghostly memories

Driving through Vicksburg is upsetting. More upsetting than visiting the Preston Castle in Ione, or the mausoleums at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, or the Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver. Unlike most places that promote their haunted-ness, I consider those places… Continue Reading →

Vicksburg: The little house in the middle of the battle

First stop on the Southern U.S. road trip was Vicksburg: once home to just about every European colonial power: the French (Fort St. Peter), the Spanish (Fort Nogales), the English (Walnut Hills), and eventually Americans (who named the area Vicksburg)…. Continue Reading →

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