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The Last Flight

Ok… so… it’s true. I’m leaving my ridiculously amazing travelling gig to take something local in Montréal. There will be travel; but, a different kind of travel that is done at a sustainable pace (hopefully). It feels weird. This site… Continue Reading →

Blossom Buds

Here are some future cherry blossoms. In the background is the Arlington House as seen through my telephoto lens from JFK’s grave. This 19th-century mansion was originally built in 1802 and at that point there was no national cemetery (the… Continue Reading →

Arlington Cemetery, Part 2

Before leaving the Arlington Cemetery for good we decided to go to the Memorial Gate to see the Women In Military Service For America memorial. When we walked through the doors of the gate we also walked into a reception/memorial… Continue Reading →

Arlington Cemetery, Part 1

This is a harder post to write than all the others because our trip to the Arlington Cemetery was more than a “here’s JFK’s grave” and “here’s the tomb of the unknown soldier” kind of ordeal. I wanted to see… Continue Reading →

Gadsby’s Tavern

A trip isn’t a trip until you’ve heard a ghost story or two. In this case Jeff told us two. The first comes from a story that I briefly mentioned a few posts ago; about Col. Elmer Ellsworth who was… Continue Reading →

Christ Church Churchyard

Here is the North Washington entrance / exit for the Christ Church Churchyard. In the photo, to the left of the entrance is a mass grave for thirty four Confederate soldiers who were re-interred into the Christ Church Cemetery after… Continue Reading →

Alexandria’s Christ Church

One of the places that Jeff took us during our tour of Alexandria was the historic Christ Church on North Washington Street. According to many sources the church (circa 1771) and cemetery (circa 1766) are among the city’s oldest historic… Continue Reading →

Alexandria by Night

On Thursday evening Katherine and I caught up with Jeff (not your brother) in Alexandria. From this point forth I will refer to him as Jeff because Jeff (my brother) doesn’t comment on my site; so, in my mind there… Continue Reading →

Arlington by Day

We learned quickly that cabbies in Arlington rarely know where they were going — or at least the ones that we met. The first question we consistently got upon entering a cab and giving the address was: “Can you tell… Continue Reading →

Arlington, Virginia

We’re staying in a unique little townhouse in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington is, of course, the home of the Pentagon and the Arlington Cemetery, which I will write about later. Upon arrival we discovered that it was super windy and also… Continue Reading →

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