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2014: A Year of Travel

The bulk of the year was spent in California: specifically Silicon Valley. From here we explored a little more of San Jose, discovered new wonderful hiking and running trails, learned about California’s gold history, and became a part of the… Continue Reading →

Food Trucks of Silicon Valley

The Foodtruck scene is very much alive and well in SF and SJ, and thanks to Off the Grid, SF’s foodtrucks can be booked and frequently find themselves parked around the larger Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Zynga, Google, YouTube,… Continue Reading →

The Bikes of Silicon Valley

Finally… the post I’ve been promising for a while… the one about company bikes in Silicon Valley. Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of information out there about the specifics of campus bike sharing programs. I had to talk to a… Continue Reading →

On the road again…

Getting back into the Fall commute was rather difficult this year and the first month of back and forth hit me rather hard… harder than expected. I feel more displaced, confused when I wake up (not knowing where I am),… Continue Reading →

Summer Camp Roundup (2014)

As we complete another summer of travel, sunshine, beaches, frolicking, learning, and camps, I’m posting a compilation of our experiences from this year’s summer camps. All camps are located in Silicon Valley and we chose which ones to attend based… Continue Reading →

On the Road. In the Bag.

I should write a travel hack book. The stories and little discoveries I’ve made along the way will horrify the average twice a year traveller who pays FULL PRICE for everything. On the other side of the coin, I often… Continue Reading →

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

I was born on Cinco de Mayo and frequently joke that in Calgary it always snows for my birthday. This year is no exception and in the days leading to the 5th of May, snow fell from the sky like… Continue Reading →

Reminiscing the April fools thing…

‘Tis a day full of pranks and strange ideas. I spent the day trying to determine if my emails were fake or real. Some were really good and full of technical jargon and reasonable logic; I’ll wait until tomorrow to… Continue Reading →

A Celebration of Color

It’s that time of year again… the time when Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and people around the world dress up in green and drink lots of beer. And, like a bad Irish Canadian who grew up listening to… Continue Reading →

The Horse in the Valley

While looking for a monument or site to visit on the Mustang Adventures, I had an epiphany. I work in Silicon Valley with some of the most popular IT companies in the world. Why not give a “tour” of the… Continue Reading →

Computer History Museum

An ad for the Silent 700 reads: With her sleek new Silent 700 portable terminal in her briefcase, she’s ready for anything. She looks well dressed and ready for the business world. This was in 1971. A decade later, another… Continue Reading →

2013: A Year of Travel

2012 ended a year of travel to Vancouver and signaled the start of travel to San Francisco. And, by San Francisco I mean Silicon Valley: Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View. Though initially I started the year off in San… Continue Reading →

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