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Palo Alto

Arizona Cactus Garden

Close to the Stanford family mausoleum is a cactus garden originally designed in the early 1880s by landscape architect Rudolf Ulrich. “Arizona gardens” were all the rage in Victorian era California and Ulrich was in high demand for his creations…. Continue Reading →

A Crypt, Death, Murder, and a Party

If you meander between Stanford University and the Stanford Shopping Centre, you’ll find a large tract of land that remains largely forgotten and untouched. It has been left to nature and is overrun by plants, gophers, birds, and ghosts of… Continue Reading →

Alta Mesa Cemetery, Palo Alto

Alta Mesa is a non-denominational cemetery that was established in 1904 in Palo Alto, California. I visited on a crisp winter morning and I have to say that wandering the graves was an incredibly serene experience. There’s not a lot… Continue Reading →

The Keystone

The Ramones played here… Metallica… Mötley Crüe…and just about every hair band from the 1980s. This is the place where Cliff Burton played one of his last shows with Trauma before joining Metallica… and it’s the location of Kirk Hammett’s… Continue Reading →

The Frenchman’s Tower

On Old Page Mill Road in Palo Alto, tucked in amongst scrubby California brush, next to the Matadero Creek, and on the border of Stanford University, is the Frenchman’s Tower. Built in 1875, this tower seems out of place and… Continue Reading →

Steve and Kate’s Camp

This is the camp that we’d been looking forward to all summer. It is by far the easiest camp for parents… you buy day passes and show up on any day or location between 7:30-6:00 (no need to pre-book). They… Continue Reading →

Stanford Robotics

One of the bigger struggles that the IT industry faces is there aren’t enough women engineers; the field is so very obviously dominated by men and in a lot ways still in the dark ages. If I meet any of… Continue Reading →

Calafia Cafe

On the Stanford side of the tracks in Palo Alto… at the junction of El Camino and Embarcadero Road, there’s a grouping of little restaurants that are gluten free / sustainable / vegan hot spots. Calafia is one of these… Continue Reading →

The Dish

The Dish is two things. For runners, it’s a 3.5 mile (roughly 5.6km) run through quiet and amidst beautiful rolling hills. The run would be pretty easy if not for the hills. No wheels are allowed in the park —… Continue Reading →


I’d heard and read so many great things about Cafe TIBCO on their YELP page and from other geeks I work with. “It’s better than Disneyland,” “the Ice Cream Bar is amazing,” and “people from other companies come to the… Continue Reading →

VMWare Cafeteria

Rather suddenly, I’ve moved from my nice comfortable, centrally located, downtown Palo Alto, plenty of restaurants, old Facebook building… to one of the IT complexes in the middle of nowhere. This is pretty typical for tech companies: they get too… Continue Reading →

Palo Alto GF Roundup

Getting take-out in Palo Alto can be slow… very very slow… even slower when you are dealing with restaurants that cater to food allergies. As such, most people who work in Palo Alto use the Order Ahead App for take-out…. Continue Reading →

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