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The Pink Door

Along the quaint Post Alley of Seattle’s Pike Place Market awaits a seductive netherworld fronted by a mysterious, milky rose portal better known as The Pink Door. Enter through it, and for ties of reality wash away into a sea… Continue Reading →

Pioneer Square, Seattle

Pioneer Square is the original Seattle downtown core. It’s within walking distance of the wharf, the Market, Post Alley, galleries, and many other popular tourist destinations. Even though the streets were relatively quiet during my wanderings, there were still greeters… Continue Reading →

Teatro Zinzanni

I originally wanted to go to Teatro Zinzanni over 6-months ago when they advertised enjoying a meal while contortionist and circus performers danced around you. The show was so popular that tickets went fast and the dinner never came to… Continue Reading →

Lake View Cemetery, Seattle

Pioneers where they of Ohio, Illinois, Oregon and Washington – always on the frontier of the west, from the great lakes to the Pacific Ocean. Lake View Cemetery is Seattle’s pioneer cemetery. Here lay the remains of many of the… Continue Reading →

Bruce and Brandon Lee, Lake View Cemetery

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the graves. I had vague directions and a very large graveyard to filter through. However, my fears were unfounded. I wasn’t the only person looking for the Lee graves and when… Continue Reading →

Avatar Exhibit (EMP)

I have to admit, I’m probably the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen the movie Avatar. I just don’t find the “we’re an evil corporation that’s going to destroy an entire species so we can make money” plot… Continue Reading →

Battlestar Galactica (EMP)

Upon leaving the Nirvana Show, the first thing I ventured upon is Muffit, Boxey’s pet daggit from the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV series. He was sitting rather calmly by stairs leading to the main BSG exhibit. Naturally, I had… Continue Reading →

Nirvana (EMP)

They’re a symbol of my university years. By the time I hit Calgary in 1991, I was aware of and immediately embraced the grunge scene: Nirvana, Mudhoney, Hole, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Mother Love Bone, the Screaming Trees,… Continue Reading →

IF VI WAS IX: Roots and Branches

This sculpture is composed of nearly 700 instruments. Forty are custom-made, computer-controlled self-playing guitars, which perform a series of Trimpin’s compositions expressive of the roots of American popular music (jazz, blues, country, folk and rock). One of the first things… Continue Reading →

Once Again, Seattle

Once again I’m driving through Seattle after the snow/ice storm that hit mid-January. The light is odd… like someone took a gigantic wet cloth and threw it over the sun. It’s not quite dark or light. David Bowie’s Space Oddity… Continue Reading →

It’s a bird… it’s a plane…

“That Phoenix Jones, he’s so hot,” says one of the girls I am having lunch with. Just like any superhero, this one has an avid fan following. The only difference is, unlike his ink and print brethren, Phoenix Jones is… Continue Reading →

Gas Works Park

Quite possibly one of the best examples of recycling I’ve ever seen, Gas Works Park was built on the site of the Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant in 1975. The plant was originally a coal gasification plant (the last… Continue Reading →

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