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World War 1: the 209th’s Journey and Arrival Overseas (Part 5)

This is the fifth post in a series about a group of World War 1 soldiers from Mill Village, Nova Scotia who all enlisted for the 209th Battalion in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. For full context and more information about the… Continue Reading →

Summer of Chaos: Week 6

Week 6 touches 5 cities: Marina dey Rey, Venice, Montreal, Halifax, and Los Angeles… and I joke that it’s the third time La Niña has been in Montreal this year. That’s when it hit me that before the summer is… Continue Reading →

Remembering Max

Over the next few months U-boats sank a total of 44 ships in Canadian waters with the loss of only two U-boats. The Gulf of St. Lawrence was found to be the richest hunting ground and during what became known… Continue Reading →

Georges Island, Halifax

For nearly two hundred years Georges Island was the scene of constant military activity. Tales of executions, forts and hidden tunnels surround the folklore associated with the mysterious island. — Park’s Canada There are a handful of small islands in… Continue Reading →

Halifax Harbourwalk

The waterfront in downtown Halifax is the home of the Halifax Harbourwalk, a 3-km boardwalk popular amongst tourists and locals. The harbourwalk is also home to the Metro Transit ferry terminal, a multitude of eclectic shops, Halifax’s Historic Properties, several… Continue Reading →

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: Halifax Explosion

On the morning of Thursday, December 6, 1917, the French munitions ship, the SS Mont-Blanc, collided with the Norwegian SS Imo in the narrow segment of the Halifax Harbour. The resulting explosion killed or severely  injured over 10,000 people, leveled entire sections of… Continue Reading →

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: Meet the Navy

Many many many years ago, Rosie O’Donnell dubbed Halifax a gay friendly destination. Colourful “alternative lifestyle” shops line the streets around the harbour and stories are a plenty for anyone wanting to listen. The Maritime Museum on the harbour’s edge… Continue Reading →

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic… full of ships, mystery, history, intrigue, and drama. Every generation sees tragedy, and in the last hundred plus years Halifax has seen more than its share. The next few posts will outline some stories… Continue Reading →

Alexander Keiths, Halifax

Annie McGregor, Isabelle MacDonald, and Sara Mackie all take you on a tour through the 1823 Alexander Keith stone brewery building. Keith first arrived in Nova Scotia from Scotland in 1817 and quickly formed a partnership with Boggs Beers to… Continue Reading →

Halifax’s Historic Farmers’ Market

In 2010, the Halifax’s Historic Farmer’s Market celebrated its 260th Anniversary. It was during this celebration that the old Market on Lower Water street was recognized for being the oldest, continuously run farmers’ market in North America. Ironically, during the… Continue Reading →

If I Were to Write an Eulogy…

We first met in 1989. Michelle was living with a friend in Tower at Acadia University (the men’s residence) because she hadn’t been assigned a proper room. On the day that returning students arrived she happened to be in Dennis… Continue Reading →

One Night in Halifax

Some people talk about spending one night in Bangkok or Paris, perhaps London or Delhi. My night always seems to be Halifax… one night in Halifax. We’re here and we’ve made it a girl’s night out: the Bluenose Diner, milkshakes,… Continue Reading →

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