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Beautiful Photos of Brugge’s Canals

Brugge’s prime and strategic location on the North Sea has ensured that the area was inhabited long before recorded history… and made sure that every European invading force came to the city in an attempt to conquer and control its… Continue Reading →

Little Details, Brugge

This is my second Easter spent in Brugge. The first was in 2011… when the Tour de Flanders (La Ronde) was still in Brugge. This time around it was La Niña’s choice to visit the city and explore. For this… Continue Reading →

Sint Salvatorskathedraal

Left is a view looking up the spire at Sint Salvatorskathedraal. The cathedral had a bit of spire envy going on in the 1800s when it had a smaller spire than the neighouring Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk. So, when the roof… Continue Reading →

Gruunthuse Museum

If you venture down an obscure alley way along the back of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, into a cobbled courtyard or across a small bridge, you’ll find a mansion that once belonged to the Van Brugghe family: the Gruunthuse. In Medieval… Continue Reading →

Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk

Most people come to the Church of Our Lady to see Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child, but they are quickly lured deeper into the church’s depths to explore some of the many mysteries this church has to offer. Construction began in… Continue Reading →

Wandering Brugge

Bruge (or Brugge) is one of the best preserved of the medieval cities in Flanders. This may be due to happenstance more than intention. Bruge was a major port for Belgium until the Zwin estuary silted over and Zeebrugge became… Continue Reading →

Heerlijk Voedsel

Morning began with a meander through the Saturday morning food market; the smell of baking pastries permeated every inch of the square. I was in heaven as I floated from booth to booth sampling cheese, meats and bread. For breakfast… Continue Reading →

The Beguines of Bruges (De Wijngaard)

What if you lived in medieval times and suddenly found yourself with children and widowed by the crusades? What if you were a young orphaned female, with no home but didn’t want to take vows that would prevent you from… Continue Reading →

Brugge Waterways

I realize it’s cliché, but Brugge has often been called the Venice of the North… mostly because of the elaborate maze of picturesque waterways that weave their way through the city. These were once used extensively for trade and inland… Continue Reading →

Vrolijk Pasen or Happy Easter

The day started with a traditional Belgian practice… not mass, nor the consumption of mass amounts of chocolate, no Easter bunny or family brunch… but rather, the Tour de Flanders (a.k.a. the Ronde). Fabian Cancellara was the winner this year;… Continue Reading →

Little Shop in Brugge

“Your French is magnificent.” It was an old shopkeeper who spoke to me as I walked to the till to make my purchase. He was initially very quiet as I made my way through his small hidden shop nestled anonymously… Continue Reading →

Brugge, Belgium

I’m in Belgium: Brugge to be exact (pronounced like Booger with an “r”). It seemed like a good place to spend Easter, with all it’s chocolate and wedding cake buildings. The Flemish are also very pleasant people; my usual interrogation… Continue Reading →

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