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Dead Roosters, Ancient Tea, and a Schoolhouse Restaurant

As part of the Peculiar Things theme, I’ll periodically share forgotten surprises (read: images) that upload themselves from my various devices to a space in the cloud. This week’s images come from California: Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Sanger. Under… Continue Reading →

The Meux Home

Located at the intersection of R and Tulare Streets, this Victorian house was built on land once considered the outskirts of a newly incorporated town named Fresno. The house was built and owned by Dr. Thomas Richard Meux, an army… Continue Reading →

Bones and the Fresno Pet Cemetery

There’s Fast Freddie, Honeyboy, Candy, Buttons, Christmas Nephew, and other animals buried in this pet cemetery. Some are listed as “the best friend I ever had” or “forever loved” or “our little girl” or “an important member of the family.”… Continue Reading →

Forestiere Underground Gardens

From the surface it looks rather unassuming and flat. There’s a chain link fence designed to keep people out. The surface is barren, parched, and covered in various workman’s tools. Periodically there’s vegetation that pokes out of the ground. The… Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Fresno

I would endeavor to say that the driving part of this road trip was far more interesting than the actual destination. We were warned ahead of time that Fresno is a odd and strangely unpleasant destination. And, I have to… Continue Reading →

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